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US comic Sara Schaefer (a person) spoke to The Age about how solitary comedy is:

“A lot of people will say comedy is a family, comedians are family and we have each other’s backs. I’ve always found that to be such a ludicrous statement because comedy is one of the most individualistic artforms. You’re literally up there on stage, it’s ...

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You’re The Voice Record – 20 Years!

In March 2003 I set the world record for the longest continuous performance of John Farnham’s ‘You’re The Voice’ outside Flinders Street Station. Is nine hours too much Farnsey or barely enough? 

Anyway – I’ve written an article about the affair which includes a scarce recording of my in-depth interview with Sam Kekovich! As well as a few artefacts from ...

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fuzzy logic rox

Do you like news? How about my news. It’s common knowledge that everyone who reads fuzzy logic is slightly happier afterwards.

Check out the latest issue and subscribe. 

Otherwise, all I can tell ya is that next month I’ll be celebrating twenty years since I set the world record for longest performance of John Fanham’s You’re The Voice outside Flinders ...

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Nan’s on Shuffle!

The next track in my ‘stripped back catalogue’ trilogy In My Day (Nan) – Solo Version is out and about on BandcampYouTube & across streaming platforms and what have you.

Lollies for all 🍬 🍬 🍬

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