The Bedroom Philosopher

Nan’s on Shuffle!

The next track in my ‘stripped back catalogue’ trilogy In My Day (Nan) – Solo Version is out and about on BandcampYouTube & across streaming platforms and what have you.

Lollies for all 🍬 🍬 🍬

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Trishine – Solo Version drops like a pie Nov 4! 🥧

Yeah all good. So to celebrate I’ve penned a column repurposing the original ‘Buddy & Me’ chapter from The Bedroom Philosopher Diaries. Meantime, the track is flat out on Nan & Pop Records. Sympathise a scruffy scrapper’s poleaxed syntax. Totes devo!

With introduction by Bryan Ferry…


🏉 ❤️ 🏏 🚚 ⛽ 🥣 ...

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I’m So Lonely (no, srsly)

I’m so lonely (my song that is)
(again) more or less <full stop>
It’s a paired back
described as the musical
equivalent of a fixed gear bicycle.
Simple. Difficult. Worth it.

Now about on bandcamp.

The lyrics are featured in the poetry anthology Admissions by Upswell Publishing. Happy mental health week (Oct 9-17).


Nothing says ...

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One is going to go down to JB-High Fidelity and flick through classical

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