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VHS poetry doco debrief

“We’re all insecure!”
“I don’t feel like I fit in!”
“I could get nude!”

Just some of the quotes from my performance debrief with ‘Dark Michael’ for a 2003 poetry documentary.


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The Horses World Record Attempt

It’s 20 years since I rode around on a horse carousel singing Daryl Braithwaite’s The Horses on Melbourne Cup Day. 








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ceo later

US comic Sara Schaefer (a person) spoke to The Age about how solitary comedy is:

“A lot of people will say comedy is a family, comedians are family and we have each other’s backs. I’ve always found that to be such a ludicrous statement because comedy is one of the most individualistic artforms. You’re literally up there on stage, it’s ...

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You’re The Voice Record – 20 Years!

In March 2003 I set the world record for the longest continuous performance of John Farnham’s ‘You’re The Voice’ outside Flinders Street Station. Is nine hours too much Farnsey or barely enough? 

Anyway – I’ve written an article about the affair which includes a scarce recording of my in-depth interview with Sam Kekovich! As well as a few artefacts from ...

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