The Bedroom Philosopher

PRE-SAVE (my career)

Nothing says ‘the entire bottom has fallen out of the music business but we’re all keeping up appearances in this Orwellian nightmare lest it get awkward’ like PRE-SAVE. To think, once, we hustled valiantly for audiences to part ways with hard earned money in exchange for a CD single. Now, it’s a dogfight just to squirrel away a thimble of ...

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One is going to go down to JB-High Fidelity and flick through classical

Celebrating 20 years of Beddy Phil: “the rock eisteddfod for home school children”

My first feature interview on Triple J’s Morning Show, 2002.
(Or, the Guru Josh appreciation society give a tape trove tour).
Also, I’ll be performing a version of I’m So Lonely at the launch of Admissions (a poetry anthology about mental illness) – October 7 at RMIT in Melbourne. Check details HERE

⚡ My ...

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I’ve had someone intrude onto stage while I perform

I guess I was asking for it though.

Courtesy of The Comedy Store, Sydney.
(Hair courtesy of John Safran’s Race Relations, 2009).

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