The Bedroom Philosopher

Northcote 2020

  • Hot off press – I’ve completed my own negotiated study / home-school project on the sub-cultural / social ramifications of Northcote (So Hungover). Coppa load of these Fun Fax. (#1 with a bullet point.)
  • Good lord, an exclusive interview with the elusive Badroom Philosopher guy. 
  • Vote for Northcote in Triple J’s Hottest 100 of the decade. Help to cement

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PUP! — P u n y L o o n s

I have a new web series – PUP!
New eps will appear Tuesdays at 2:22.
Subscrube to my channel.



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Best of the Dickhead (I mean Decade)

God I’m relevant (less so than the veronicas)

  • My Top 5 ‘Ice-creams of the Decade’
    5. Connoisseur Belgian Chocolate Fudge With Hazelnut (4 pack)
    4. Cadbury Picnic Cone
    3. Connoisseur Cookies

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