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Get Up Mum in Fitzroy

  • I’ll be presenting Get Up Mum at the Fitzroy Town Hall (Reading Room) Wednesday Feb 13. It’s free but bookings are recommendude!. For more news about the book do suss out

  • My cack batalogue is now on Spotify. The business is so tough I have to pay to hear my own music. 
  • My childhood memoir Get Up Mum

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Love Your Bookshop / Gado Gado!

To celebrate my appearance as the “lunch” feature in today’s Age – here is an ultra rare recording of my first band The Harmonica Lewinski’s infamously notoriously psychedelically flamboyant first underground cult single “Spankees Lunch.”
I’ll be appearing at Brunswick Bound from 3pm today signing copies of Get Up Mum and generally looking well-read. I may even give away

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A Tale of Two Bens

It was Care Factor 10 & Golden Times at the Get Up Mum Sydney launch thanks to the genteel magic of host Benjamin Law. I coaxed another young Ben away from his game and we celebrated being in “dimples club.” I showed him a cassette and carefully explained how the magnetic brown ribbon captured sound. He asked “can you use ...

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Get Up Mum Brisbane / Sydney launch

Snavel a possie at the Get Up Mum Brisbane launch at Avid Reader Bookshop this Friday and be wowed and dazzled. Come for the insight, stay for the Le Snaks. There will be mental health, show ‘n tell and quizzically handsome gentlemen. Hosted by David Stavanger. Click HERE for Facebook event.

And the winner is…SYDNEY when I rock up with ...

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