The Bedroom Philosopher

Here’s a new live video courtesy of The School of Life, Melbourne.


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News (1/8/15)

  • Crazy Bastards has been nominated for an AWGIE in the ‘Drama or Comedy, Other Form’ division. It’ll be announced Sep 11.
  • I’ll be presenting a Funemployed panel at BIGSOUND 2015.
  • Funemployed LP is out on Bandcamp and iTunes.
  • I recently appeared at Margaret River Writers Festival & Music NT conference in Darwin. The new website photos were taken in

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Happy New Album Day!

IMG_1136 (smaller)

Funemployed LP is available from Bandcamp, iTunes, or CD from BP shop.

Eight stripped back anthems for creatives living in a material world. I’m Selling Myself has BP milking himself like a cash cow ‘whose farmer lost interest,’ while in single Food Is The New Rock and Roll he threatens to ‘quit music to pursue hospitality’ acknowledging ...

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