The Bedroom Philosopher

Celebrating 20 years of Beddy Phil: “the rock eisteddfod for home school children”

One of my first songwriting efforts for the ABC was to collaborate with Aqua and sing about Dr Karl. It was presented to him by Vicki Kerrigan on 12th April 2002. Gee it was deep. Boy was he surprised. It inspired a radio segue the equivalent of jumping twenty buses on a motorbike.


Big Brother is starting ...

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I’ve had someone intrude onto stage while I perform

I guess I was asking for it though.

Courtesy of The Comedy Store, Sydney.
(Hair courtesy of John Safran’s Race Relations, 2009).

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✨ Happy 2️⃣ 0️⃣ years of The Bedroom Philosopher!

Can you believe it was 2002 that I started my segment on Triple J’s Morning Show? (Are ya sick of me yet?) 🤓
Well, I’ll be celebrating all this month by posting the original trax, classic pix and a lil’ origins doco Friday.
Stay tuned on Facebook, TwitterYoutube.
There’ll be competitions, giveaways and infinite Golden Gaytimes in

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peace and love to all irish women ☘️

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