Thanks to everyone who attended the Funemployed Tour! I had a blast. It ended in Brisbane at Southside Tea Room. Here’s Pae Hoddy (Th’ Grates) and myself mooching by the pinnies. I recommend the shakes (as in the drink). I’ll be at the Comedy Stage at Plunder In The Grass. (Thursday 7:45pm / Friday 6:45pm). Watch me phone in Northcote….

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I Don’t Know What I’m Doing With My Life (from Funemployed EP)

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News (1/9/13)

  • The Bedroom Philosopher Diaries has been repressed! I mean, re-pressed. It’s now in the SHOP along with the fleetingly relevant ‘A Very Beddy Christmas’ EP. All copies sold in November will be signed. (Drop me a line to personalise for a friend/Nan/lover.)
  • I’m layin’ low while I write my book ‘Funemployed,’ about being an artist in Australia. The book and

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