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Smokestack Comedy Gala

🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺 oy oy oy. I’m performing under the theme of ‘progress’ at Smokestack at Monash Uni ELECTION EVE mate. May recreate ‘A.I.’ in ten minutes, summoning the best non-blinking comedy since Elliot Goblet. Or, just bang a tune of this ilk:

Also, my boyhood memoir Get Up Mum will be radio series on RNs Life Matters starting May ...

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Get Up Mum in Fitzroy

  • Here’s a recent interview on Triple R’s Backstory. There’s a great moment halfway where the CD doesn’t want to play my tape samples (!) so I’m forced to do some ‘Nanlibbing.’
  • Fitzroy Writers Festival is bringing back the Get Up Mum Show & Tell by popular demand. Coolness. Come and hear my new Sharp boombox from close range. Saturday

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Love Your Bookshop / Gado Gado!

To celebrate my appearance as the “lunch” feature in today’s Age – here is an ultra rare recording of my first band The Harmonica Lewinski’s infamously notoriously psychedelically flamboyant first underground cult single “Spankees Lunch.”
I’ll be appearing at Brunswick Bound from 3pm today signing copies of Get Up Mum and generally looking well-read. I may even give away

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A Tale of Two Bens

It was Care Factor 10 & Golden Times at the Get Up Mum Sydney launch thanks to the genteel magic of host Benjamin Law. I coaxed another young Ben away from his game and we celebrated being in “dimples club.” I showed him a cassette and carefully explained how the magnetic brown ribbon captured sound. He asked “can you use ...

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