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Melbourne Comedy Festival

Cat Show Melbourne starts Thursday. 10 shows only until April 9.

See the greatest cat story ever told!

I discussed cats, cravats and the price of bananas with sir Dave Graney on Triple R. Click the link to listen. 


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Canberra Comedy Festival

I’ll be a “Canberra Visitor” this Friday. Cat Show is suitable for everyone – unlike this game for 1-0 players. 

Cat Show / Canberra Comedy Festival runs March 24/25. Here’s a soft-hitting chat about my time at Uni of Canberra. (Moby, Mario Kart & Mature age studs.) They’re giving away a double pass on their FB page. ...

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News (28/2/17)

  • I walked into my venue in Adelaide to find this. It’s as if someone died ignoring a show.
  • Cat Show has added Sydney Comedy Fest to its feline-up. Tix on sale now for Giant Dwarf April 29.  
  • Cat Show was nom-nominated for Best Comedy at Perth Fringe.
  • I found a cat in my chop:

  • The nice ladies of Frankie

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