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Thursday July 8, 2010
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Happy Birthday my dear Nan, Edna Heazlewood 84 today!
Happy Birthday my dear Beck! 40 today!
Happy Birthday Ringo Starr 70 yesterday!



Would you like to put some posters up in your hometown in lieu of tickets to shows and promo albums? Alternatively, we seek retail superstars to operate the official merchandise desk in exchange for glamorous items. Teams of two tend to work best. Check the tour schedule and see where you and your pal / partner may be able to assist. In either case send an email to anthea at nibblesmusic dot com with BP STREET TEAM in the subject along with your name, number, postal address and brief experience / aspirations.



1. Josh Earl and I sitting in an Adelaide café watching a Nan in salmon trackies pulling a trolley.
2. Trying to order an orange, pineapple and ginger juice in same café. The waiter found it amusing. ‘We don’t have ginger but we do have guava,’ he offered, as if it works like that. Out of milk for your coffee? Try mayonnaise.
3. Improvising shouty blues songs about local shops shutting down. These included the Ducks Nuts pub being changed to Silk in Newcastle, the closure of North Hobart Praties and the demise of Magic Mountain in Glenelg.
4. Josh secretly tweeting about me: “i’m on a bus with the bedroom philosopher. He’s eating a tuna sandwich. NOT ON A BUS PHILOSOPHER. That’s not a public food / i’m at the airport 3 hours early. The philosopher is cranky. It is quite funny. His lunch was red rooster / the philosopher is now being harassed at the security check in. He is so cranky. It is so funny / he had to unpack his bag of leads and underwear. Durps are everywhere / now being checked for bombs. It’s like a script / landed and the cranky continues, he’s just told the cab driver to turn down his radio.”
5. Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancer In The Dark’ coming on everywhere we went.
6. Breakfast in Canberra, we ordered muesli’s with pomegranate and kiwi fruit. Waitress: These are girly muesli’s. Me: We are girly men.
7. After drinks at the Towny in Sydney. My friend Leigh started a game of writing out our top ten lists. It began with albums and then bands, books, movies, girl crushes and men you’d sleep with. Let me just say that watching The Truman Show with David Bowie and Maggie Gyllenhaal while listening to Revolver and flicking through Running With Scissors is my idea of a good time. At one point a group of nursing girls came up to talk to us and we said ‘we’re in the middle of writing our top ten favourite TV shows’ so they left.
8. Conversation on a Redline bus. Me: How do you come up with your style? Josh: I just walk into Jack London and say ‘Make me look like Mick Jagger in the 60’s.’ Me: I just walk into Salvation Army and say ‘make me look like Graeme Garden in the 70’s.’
9. In Launceston a drunk guy pulled me aside to give me his mates business cards while they watched on, smiling weirdly to themselves. One worked at Australia Post while the other was the branch manager of Reece, a bathroom and plumbing supplier.
10. There was smoke coming from our airplane cabin. Well, the Virgin Blue crew were on fire anyway. “Go into Hertz and show them your body parts, I mean boarding pass for a great deal.”



Bringing song writing laziness to justice.

The White Stripes – Hardest Button To Button

“I got a backyard
With nothing in it
Except a stick
A dog
And a box with something in it.”



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“the bedroom felosifes”



Northcote (So Hungover) video.
Mess & Noise 100 thread-long argument about it.



July 23-31. Details HERE.


Click HERE to book tickets through GoBookem.

Featuring those hipster slayin’ style masters The Awkwardstra bring all the breakbeat rockouts, folk-rock jamouts and jamfunk breakdowns you need with a pinch of earnestness and about five seconds of jazz. Plus extra special guests The Boat People (except Tas, SA n WA) and ex Machine Gun Fellatio tunesmith Pinky Beecroft for some dates.

Aug 12 Adelaide – Jive bar (w/ Cookie Baker and Guillaume Soloacoustic)
Aug 13 Launceston – Hotel New York (w/ Pinky Beecroft & The White Russians
and New Saxons)
Aug 14 Hobart – Brisbane Hotel (all ages 1:30pm start) (w/ PB & TWR and New
Aug 14 Hobart – Brisbane Hotel (over 18’s) (w/ PB & TWR)
Aug 15 Burnie – Arts Theatre (all ages 3pm start) (w/ New Saxons)
Aug 18 Canberra – ANU Bar
Aug 19 Wollongong – Harpe Hotel (w/ PB & TWR)
Aug 20 Sydney – The Factory (all ages 7pm start) (w/ PB & TWR)
Aug 21 Newcastle – Northern Star (w/ PB & TWR)
Aug 22 Cronulla – The Brass Monkey (w/ PB & TWR)
Aug 25 Scarborough – Indi Bar (w/ Gilroy & The Cold Shoulders + Stereo
Aug 26 Bunbury – Prince Of Wales (w. Gilroy & The Cold Shoulders)
Aug 27 Northbridge – Rocket Room (w/ Gilroy & The Cold Shoulders +
Stereo Flower)
Aug 28 Brisbane – The Troubadour (w/ PB & TWR)
Aug 29 Brisbane – Old Museum (all ages 12:30pm start)
Aug 29 Byron Bay – Great Northern
Sep 1 Ballarat – Karova Lounge (w/ PB & TWR)
Sep 2 Geelong – National Hotel (w/ PB & TWR)
Sep 3 Hepburn Springs – The Palais (w/ PB & TWR)
Sep 4 Melbourne – Northcote Social Club (w/ PB & TWR)
Sep 5 Melbourne – Spanish Club (all ages 12:30pm start) (w/ Stonefield – ex
Sep 5 Melbourne Northcote Social Club (w/ Go-go Sapien) (who are brilliant!)




The Northcote clip started out with a budget of 1.5 million because I wanted it to be done claymation style, but working with metal. How cool would that be? Basically you’d make a metal model of things and then you’d have to melt down each piece and rebuild it, moving it just slightly. I thought it was genius but my label said that Adam Elliot’s agent wasn’t returning their calls and the last thing he had said was that it would take an estimated 65 years to complete, but he only had two days. Then I suggested doing it with blu-tak but we didn’t have the budget for that many packets and michelgondry @ hotmail bounced so we went with my forty fifth idea which was to film me and my band doing all the stuff in the clip.

Here is some trivia – that isn’t my moustache! We bought it at a Midnight Juggernauts charity auction for $40, 000 which took up half the budget of the clip. Afterwards, it crawled away and ended up in Kram’s sandwich! We laughed, until his manager spilt chai latte on my ipad. (industry thing). Most of the rest of the money went towards the special effects. We had to build a special Tim Rogers face mask. Yes, that is actually a dude from Grinspoon wearing a prosthetic face and official Tim Rogers wig which I got in a You Am I showbag last year at the Royal Melbourne. Realistic huh? Tim was unavailable for the clip due to TV commitments. Lost was on. It was one he’d taped so you can fast forward the ads.

So anyway, what else can I tell you? The scenes onboard a tram actually take place onboard a bus which had the wheels removed. The producers then built a special two hundred metre rail circuit for it to ride on. The film business is a tricky one. It’s all about lighting. Lighting and colour grading. I gave red about a ten while brown ended up around 1. Brown used to be my favourite until people on a music blog said it was pathetic so who am I to argue? I’m into blues at the moment. Go Fev! I mean, the other players. There’s a bunch of other cameos in the clip including Angie Hart, Robin from The Boat People and Paris Wells as the waitress. I really wanted Angry Anderson to be the mixer for Pose Tattoo but I think he’s in France beating up Phoenix.

The sound mixer was DC Root! Who was in TISM but never in Scandal’us. He was the hardest to track down so after a lot of faxes and Whereisses I found him in a taxi going through West Preston KFC. I tailed the cab on my bike and had a quick word with him while the window was down. He wasn’t even buying food, he just needed a bunch of refresher towels as he was about to play at the espy and there’s never any toilet paper. Even in the band room. WHY Espy WHY? Myself and the director worked intensively with DC to channel (mind the pun) just the right blend of contempt and apathetic bitterness for the sound guy. We also did some character exercises to determine his emotional arc and back story. Turns out he was in a folk-ska band called The Band Who Played Too Much who were about to do things in the UK until the lead singer died from a smug overdose.

I do all my own kissing. Already the clip has lost its ‘G’ rating because of the intensity of that scene. I can’t help it. That’s what I’m about – smouldering intensity. That whole party scene was an added bonus. Those shots are actually of our wrap party and intended for the making-of documentary. The girl who played my love interest wasn’t even meant to be in it, she just did hair and make up but I couldn’t stop cracking onto her. Now we’ve settled down, buying a house for 750 in Westgarth. That’s per month. Not bad for a seven couple sharehouse.

That is a stunt double at the end on the bike scene. Cos I’m so cool I was unable to ride in an uncool enough fashion, so we got some beard from Architecture in Helsinki to fill in. He did ok. Overall, I’d give this clip four and a half stars and say it was the Australian equivalent of Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer.’ It would have been five stars if we’d done my original claymation idea. Claymation with ice sculptures? How cool would that be?




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