Northcote video of the week on Channel V and Indie Of The Week on Rage! It’ll also be shown on Video Hits this Saturday and Sunday morning. See it HERE!

Click HERE to see me on Nova. Click HERE to read a track by track of ‘Songs From The 86 Tram’ on Mess & Noise. Feel free to enter the ensuing flame war and defend my honour. Songs From The 86 Tram out now at all shops!


* The Northcote (So Hungover) video shoot went swimmingly! The clip will be launched real soon. If you’re in Melbourne you can sneak along to the Workers Club on June 5 and see it for yourself.

* Songs From The 86 Tram has been released through Shock. I trust this means you can find the album parked somewhere between Beck and The Bee Gees in your local record emporium. It’s got thirteen tracks and I believe it’s my best work to date. It features all the songs from the live show but not the spoken word characters. ‘Northcote (So Hungover)’ has continued along its merry way, being the most requested song on Super Requests on seven occasions, and being playlisted on Sydney’s Fbi and getting a regular spin on Melbourne’s RRR and PBS. There’s a pretty funny bootleg of it up on YouTube, complete with 90’s style grungy audio.

* I had an absolute dream run in the Comedy Festival, selling all but 30 tickets in a 22 show run. Crowds were overwhelmingly into it, bar a few restless weekend audiences who loved mucking about during the first song and getting up halfway to go and get beers. I had to put on two extra shows in the 200 seat banquet room, the first of these sold out and this was the show I had filmed. I’m hoping this means my days of playing small hot rooms are over as I got quite a taste for the sound of two hundred people clapping (much better than one). Injury wise I made it through unscathed, although my voice took quite a beating, and I underwent a strict routine of steam rooms, warm teas and early nights. Congrats also to Josh ‘train cakes’ Earl who had a blinder, selling out lots of his shows and getting his head on the comedy all stars gala.

* There are still a few ‘We Are Tramily’ tshirts left over. They can be ordered from me if you’re keen.