Songs From The 86 Tram out now! Flick through indie at yr local record shop. Thanks to all who rocked up to Songs From The 86 Tram at the Comedy Festival. I had a blinder, pretty much selling out the whole run. You can read my psychological synopsis of being a comedian HERE.

Ya, so Radar Radio are loving Northcote (So Hungover) so I’m writing a tidy blog for them. Clap your specs on it HERE.

• Second single ‘Northcote (So Hungover)’ is going a bit apeshit. Triple J have put it on rotation, spinning it steadily over the past month. Last week is was the most requested song on Super Requests on five occasions. FBI in Sydney have just added it too. Some kids have put a bootlegged version up on YouTube, which has over 10, 000 views including someone mishearing ‘we get Molly Meldrum kudos’ as ‘we get Molly Meldrum to do us.’ Naturally, Triple M have jumped on board, playlisting the song on their digital station ‘Radar Radio.’ It was featured on Ugly Phil’s Triple M program who made mention of ‘I’m So Modern’ and after playing the track went into a baffling impression of the accent which ended with him doing an Asian impression.

• The Songs From The 86 Tram album will be released through Shock on April 16. Some advanced copies can be bought at my Comedy Festival shows and at the merchandise stand at info booth, outside Town Hall. You can pre-order the album in any JB or indie record store the week before release, plus it’ll be up on iTunes.

• Songs From The 86 Tram won ‘Best Cabaret Production’ at the Melbourne Green Room theatre awards. I was unable to attend the ceremony as I was in bed with bronchitis and a 39 degree temperature.

• Yarra Trams are sponsoring the show, featuring my posters on eight of their trams for a month. Things are going REALLY well. It’s terrifying.

• I won’t be doing Edinburgh this year now, I’ve decided to focus on a national album tour with the band in August/September. It’d be great to do some all ages shows in each of the major cities, if anyone knows any good venues / contacts in this area do let me know.

• I’m climbing into the backseat of Lime Champions for a while, allowing the profoundly talented Damien Lawlor to take the wheel. Over the next few weeks we’ll be featuring a number of Comedy Festival comedians sampling their material. That’s every Monday at 7pm, streamable at the rrr site. There’s a new podcast up HERE.

• In January, while feeling fragile and weird at home in Tassie, I decided to cull my Facebook friendship list from 480 to 80. This may have offended some people and if it has, I apologise. After a steady bombardment of event invites and gaff, I decided to keep my personal Facebook for people I am regularly in contact with, and all other communication to go through the Bedroom Philosopher one. Facebook bothers me. I see it as a socially competitive, spiritually distracting ego poker machine that I am forced to participate in. If I unfriended you it doesn’t mean I don’t like you, or represent a dismissing of our friendship, it means I need to be selfish and selective about paring down the amount of information I receive. Also, the invasively intimate nature of the site meant that I was no longer comfortable with ‘everyone’ knowing my business and seeing photos of me eating chicken sandwiches at parties. I too need some privacy. I ask for your understanding on this matter. I am still easily contacted, and reply to most comments left on the Bedroom Philosopher site.

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