NOTE: Northcote (So Hungover) is temporarily down from iTunes so the album can be uploaded April 16. Northcote (So Hungover) was the most requested song on JJJ’s Super Requests last week! Also I won the Green Room award for ‘Best Cabaret Production’ for Songs From The 86 Tram.

* ‘Tram Inspector’ the first single from Songs From The 86 Tram has been getting a fair spin around Melbourne. It scored Single Of The Week’ in Inpress: “….The Bedroom Philosopher’s hysterical skewering of meat-headed ticketing inspectors falls somewhere between a Fame-era Bowie slink and inspirational Hunners balladry. I like my musical comedy to, as the name suggests, be musically captivating first, funny second. Luckily, with Tram Inspector, both come equal first.” Clem Bastow. It’s up on iTunes. Triple J have favoured ‘Northcote (So Hungover)’, my first playlist add since Pomo in ’05. The album is looking set to come out late March.

* Would anyone like to do a remix of one of the album tracks?

* A big ‘ol BP ad will feature in the next Frankie magazine, due out mid-Feb. This includes details of a run of dates April/May with Josh Earl, who is about to unleash his ‘Womans Weekly Cake Book’ fury on Australia. We’ll be touring Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart and Launceston. I’ll be doing Brisbane solo.

* I’ve moved house, again. The fifth sharehouse in two years. Is this some kind of record? Is it the fact I write my name on my bananas? I think this is the one. Neat location, cheap rent, sweet people (a couple), quiet surrounds and a bedroom with an adjoining sunroom bit separated by doors that I can set up as an office. This is something I’ve wanted for a while, to avoid the OCD nature of self-managed admin hell, where the first thing you do each day is check your emails in the nude.

* Lime Champions is back on the air after a summer break. You can tune in every Monday at 7pm on Melbourne’s Triple R. Or stream it live, relatively easily at

* I’ve ceased my columns with Canberra streetpress BMA and The Big Issue. This is due to increased busyness. I got a bit burnt out towards the end of last year. At one point I made a play castle out of toast and tiny teddy’s.

* I sold some stuff on Ebay for the first time. The highlight was a promotional photo of the Sick Puppies from 2001 (my uni journalism days) which fetched $30 from a Japanese gal. I also got $10 for some old ‘Chaser’ newspapers from a guy on Magnetic Island who requested that I ‘pack well please.’ The rest was the best of my basketball card collection from 1994. (I amassed about 750 LA Laker cards. Pity they were such a crap team back then.) Unfortunately, most of my Magic Johnson laker cards didn’t go past $1, which made the exercise a bit more trouble than it was worth. (Especially when I spent $30 on an online subscription to find out what the cards were worth. Not much. I needed some Shaq rookie action. Shaq attack! (Sorry if I’ve lost you girls.)