Request new track ‘Northcote (So Hungover) on JJJ’s Super Requests HERE.

Tram Inspector single of the week in Inpress: “….The Bedroom Philosopher’s hysterical skewering of meat-headed ticketing inspectors falls somewhere between a Fame-era Bowie slink and inspirational Hunners balladry. I like my musical comedy to, as the name suggests, be musically captivating first, funny second. Luckily, with Tram Inspector, both come equal first.” Clem Bastow, December 16 2009.

Tram Inspector is now available on iTunes HERE

• Songs From The 86 Tram is finished and sounding a million dollars. I’ve fast tracked the first cut ‘Tram Inspector’ on Myspace. The plan is to a) wander around a bit b) send it off to record industry types c) leave a pile of copies on the tram like the hardware version of file sharing d) release by March. I shall be reprising the show at next year’s comedy festival.

• I appear as John Safran’s re-enactments on his new show. It was filmed during two weeks in June. The segments demonstrate my ability to act, beginning in Year 12 when I won the theatre award, continued during uni student plays and then left by the wayside for ten years unless you count Bedroom Philosopher as a kind of character which he/she is. The biggest acting challenge was wearing jeans for the first time and driving, (while in jeans!) Spare a thought for my Mum and Nan who tuned in to see my television debut only to find me blowing my brains out. I’m currently pitching concepts to ABC for my own show where I re-enact the awkward moments from celebrity’s lives.

• I’m growing. This year I went to an accountant for the first time and I think I’ve become vegetarian. The latter is a trend I’ve been steering towards over the last year, eating less and less meat, even though I love it. The decision is more health than political and I’ve tried to offset my stressful lifestyle by eating as many vegetables as I can. You get iron from nuts and I’m keeping fish, everything’s cool. (Since writing this I’ve passed out several times and gone back to meat.)

• I am living in my fourth sharehouse in under two years and once again experiencing difficulties. This time it’s based on the piercing train crossing alarm right outside my window. If anyone has any tipoffs for affordable solo living in Melbourne I think it might be time to get a bit Salad Fingers.

• Me and my 70’s tie collection will be featured on ABC’s collectors early next year

• Thanks to everyone who came to the Melbourne Toff residency. Happy two thousand and zen. Lime Champions will resume on February 1.