December Residency @ Toff In Town, Tuesdays in December.
See poser, I mean poster:


• The Melbourne Fringe run of ’86 Tram’ was sweet. Yarra Trams even came along for the first time. Three of their representatives came up afterwards and gave me a ‘I heart my tram’ badge. I think that’s good.

• I have spent the last month recording the ‘Songs From The 86 Tram’ album. It will be produced by Chris Scallan (has mixed Avalanches and Akon) *justin picks names up off ground* who finished off Brown & Orange. Six of the songs will feature The Awkwardstra in full swing, except Flutes McGee who is in Bulgaria. It’s officially sounding great and will surface early next year. By the way, if anyone has $15k and a loaded mobile can we get some face time?

• ‘Lime Champions’ continues to kick goals. We’re into week 24 and still churning out close to an hour of pure Gen-Y savaging rock ‘n’ droll content. Praise be to co-hosts and writers Damien Lawlor, Josh Earl and ‘ladio’ herself Eva Johansen. Want podcast? CLICK HERE

• I’ve written a few pieces for Tony Martin’s new online column safehouse ‘Scriveners Fancy.’ You can read my bits in the ‘Visiting Scrivener’ section, but you should mainly spend your time improving your life with Tony’s brain certificates. CLICK HERE

• Brown & Orange is well launched! The tour was a success. I spent $6K and made $9.5K and had the best touring experience in years. Thanks to everyone who turned up. Diary to come.

• My arm is healing slowly. I have full functionality but it’s still quite stiff and hurts on certain angles. I’m continuing physio at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, who are surprised that it’s taking this long. If anyone has some tips on rehabilitating a fractured greater tuberosity of the humerus, I’m all arms.