Winner! Director’s Choice award at Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

While gliding down Smith Street on his trusty push bike last Saturday with the wind in his hair and the world at his feet, the Bedroom Philosopher was promptly grounded by his old pal, the 86 tram. The entanglement resulted in a broken humerus, a truth so ironic it’s actually cruel. So, with his head in his left hand, and his right arm in a sling, The Bedroom Philosopher regretfully has cancelled all remaining performances of his Melbourne International Comedy Festival show Songs From The 86 Tram.

Despite this, he was awarded with the Director’s Choice award for outstanding show. He is planning to reprise the show at Melbourne Fringe.

You can still hear The Bedroom Philosopher’s dulcet tones on his Triple R show ‘Lime Champions’ every Monday from 7pm til 8pm. He will be joining the comedy conga line to take part in the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow throughout regional Victoria this May.


(Brought to you by Guy Blokeman in ‘More Gags Than Guantanamo’ – join this AM radio hopeful for a brutal romp through middle class yobservation and lightly concealed racism. Children at adult prices.)

♥ There are new Channel 31 Interviews with me on You Tube.

♥ My Triple R show “Lime Champions” has been given its own regular slot! Mondays 7-8pm. This is an exceptionally good turn out of whopping proportions. The show, a mix of stylish scripted comedy and deluxe miscellanea for men and women, can be streamed from the Triple R website. Look into it. In the meantime, there are still two podcasts up. Just go to the site and look under podcasts. Oh, our first show is on April 13.

♥ Brown & Orange has been well received by reviewers thus far. Including comments like “hallucinogenic hybrid of Tripod and Syd Barrett…such as placing a taped ‘70s monologue alongside hypnotic Phillip Glass-style repetition…the record’s charm is revealed in the almost Dylan-esque rant Party In My Head…the sound of fingers slipping from chord to chord along the strings throughout a ballad with seventies-style jazz flute (a double flute solo, no less) makes me want to weave daisy-chains and skip through the nearest field…unlike the accidentally funny troubadours out there, he knows a joke should have a point.” Full reviews can be read on Myspace / Facebook pages.

♥ It’s been publicity a gogo lately with my energy field of Voltronic assemblies blasting over Melbourne. There’s a Mess & Noise article on my tape collection here.
I also had the biggest article of my life, being featured in the Metropolis section of The Age here.

♥ The Melbourne Brown & Orange album launch was an official hoot. Thanks to the two hundred or so customers who braved the general dangers of leaving the house to come to the show, as well as the red hot special guests of Tripod, The Suitcase Royale and DJ’s Emma Peel & Master Bedroom. The Corner Hotel was transformed into a hotbed of 70’s retro décor and The Awkwardstra put in 110% and took it one song at a time.

♥ I make an appearance in Lawrence Leung’s upcoming ABC series ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Wednesday’s at 930pm. I took part in a breakdancing stunt at Federation Square.

♥ Researchers say they have found evidence of a bird which, protective of her partner, sings over her mate’s song to “scramble” his message and prevent other female rivals thinking he is single and on the market. Biologist Joseph Tobias, from Oxford University, said the behaviour observed in South American antbirds was akin to a wife continually interrupting her husband to stop him from flirting with a single woman.