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(Brought to you by the Yellow Pages. “Australia’s least satisfying streetpress.”)

• A film clip to the second single Wow Wow’s Song (La La La) has been shot. It is being directed by Charlotte George. (She’s done some Audrey’s clips, shot footage for Laurence Leung’s show and will be directing the feature of Nick Earls’ World of Chickens.) Band members and extras were filmed against a green screen, meaning the clip will be a psychedelic affair full of effects, paying homage to the fit-inducing colour clashes of the 60’s and 70’s. I recommend Premier Studios in Port Melbourne for all your green screen needs.

• The Happiest Boy snuck into #8312 in Triple J’s Hottest 100, narrowly beating Ben Cousins’ novelty single ‘I’m no good at scrabble ‘cos I’ve got a whole rack of E’s,’ and Crazy Frog’s ‘Nothing Compares 2 U.’

• I found an authentic Ossie Ostrich doll for sale at Lost & Found Markets in Collingwood and managed to not buy it.

• Job prospects seem to be looking up. (Thanks to everyone who emailed suggestions.) I’m doing a trial at Circa, my favourite vintage shop in Melbourne. As the fashion consultant for the film clip, I rekindled my passion for mod fabrics. (I now judge second hand ties and suits partially by their brands – there’s full circle for you.)

• Golden Gaytime appears to be the slowburn sleeper underground cult song of the Autumn. It’s the only track to get an airing on JJJ this year and for the first time in three years is beating ‘I’m So Post Modern’ in Google searches.

• The latest Frankie has the most of my stuff there’s ever been, including the cover feature article. I am also pictured in a hard hitting Redken advertorial, looking, as my partner’s Mother described, ‘like a robot.’

• I’ve ‘discovered’ Ebay, the way one ‘discovers’ cigarettes. Have I been setting my alarm for five in the morning to bid on things? Yes. COI. (cries on inside)

• Our sharehouse now has Mario Kart 64. This will probably be the final LapTopping.

• In Melbourne hungering for good coffee? My pals Lauren and Tom have opened up a glorious café called Mixed Business. It’s at 486 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill next to the Terminus pub, and does breakfast everyday bar Mondays. Their hot rolls are scrumptious.

• I got my highest ever score on Galaga. Level 12. 68120. Off $1.

• Someone I barely know added someone they barely know as a friend.