*New single The Happiest Boy available on iTunes HERE*

(Brought to you by Baron Von Fop’s Gothic Grocers. Now open between 2-8am in a basement far from you. Featuring Australia’s biggest range of Eggplants, blackberry’s, off bananas and other dark produce.)

* The Happiest Boy, as a song, is keeping out of trouble and can’t complain. It has been played on Triple J a bit, Rage once, and Channel V a few times. It was featured on Myspace’s front page for a week in October, and has been reviewed favourably by Melbourne’s Inpress. Clem Bastow said it was “one of the best indie pop songs of recent memory.” Brisbane’s Rave mag slammed it to high heaven, purely because it wasn’t funny enough. It made him quote “angry.” The whole review, which is entirely negative and doesn’t mention the music at all, has the line ‘The Bedroom Philosopher is known for I’m So Post Modern which Triple J did what they used to do and helped make a grass roots hit’ – so on Myspace I’ve just got. “…a grassroots hit…” Rave.

If you’d like to be dears and help out, you can vote for it on JTV here, Super Requests here.

* I have resumed my fortnightly column ‘Struth Be Told’ with Canberra street press BMA. I argued my fee up to a $10000 voucher at Chicken Gourmet. I am in the current issue of Frankie with a piece about becoming an adult. I also have some stuff set to appear in the next issue of JMag.

* Centrelink are angry. They almost cut me off for ‘turning down a job.’ I applied for some ridiculous position of a salesman in Epping, because I had to. A few hours later I was rung up for it while racing for a tram. The man said ‘why do you want this position?’ and caught off guard, I handled the situation badly, saying ‘oh, y’know, I just applied because the system makes me. I’m a muso just doing my own thing. I’m probably not the best person for the job.’ The man said ‘no, you’re bloody well not,’ and reported me. I have now decided to get a job. If anyone has any leads I can type 60 words per minute and have an iron somewhere.

* I won’t be playing Falls Festival or Woodford this year, and don’t know about Big Day Out yet. I’m supporting Tripod for some Christmas shows in December, including Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Details next issue.

* You’re So Vague has been deleted from the new pressing of albums. Anyone with In Bed With My Doona now has a limited edition. (Technically, all albums are limited edition as the concept of an infinite amount of man made products is inconceivable, except Alanis Morisiette’s Jagged Little Pill. I swear that album self spawns.) The reason for this is because I am genuinely concerned that Carly Simon could sue me. You need permission to parody someone’s song, and although I tried, I couldn’t get her company to reply. While potentially ridiculous, I do have visions of a messy situation if my profile ever gets big enough to come to her attention. Consider it an obtuse gesture of faith in my future success.

* A hamburger, with all things considered, consumes about 2400 litres of water. A pair of leather shoes takes 8000. Middle class guilt consumes 12000 litres. (A lot of showers, but you’re never clean.)

* I am currently recommending the TV series Love My Way, the album Andorra by Caribou, the film Once and buying kangaroo from the supermarket.