New single The Happiest Boy is out now! You can see the film clip HERE
You can purchase it via iTunes HERE.
Click HERE to vote for the clip on JTV.
Click HERE to request song on JJJ’s Super Request. (Only if you’re in the mood – we understand you’ve got a lot on your plate.)
Review just in:
“…it’s woozy/cute combination of deadpanned witticisms and a sublime flute breakdown make it one of the better indie pop songs of recent memory.”
(Clem Bastow, Inpress)

NEWS (Brought to you by Facebook’s for the love of god leave me alone application.)

* The Happiest Boy, the first cut from Brown & Orange (the first cut is the deepest) is out and about! You can witness the remarkable film clip by Nakedfella and links to purchase it on my Myspace page.

* Everybody’s favourite boutique label Nan & Pop Records now has an official Myspace page. You can see it HERE.

* My band is still kicking and now has an official title ‘The Bedroom Philosopher & His Awkwardstra.’ Following on from my big IAQ rant in the previous issue, I’ve concluded that I will continue to alternate between playing solo and with the band, and that it’s important to continue playing the old hits and new stuff in equal measure. I knew I had to draw the line when one day I was sitting in my room over thinking it so much that a little comet flew out of my ear and started a fire in the bin.

* I’ve written a piece about op shopping in the latest issue of Frankie magazine. I’ve also got a piece about my disastrous 18th birthday in the current issue of JMag.

* Centrelink are applying for jobs on my behalf. So far, I’m come within inches of being an I.T. phone consultant for Melbourne University or something. Getting my resume in order was difficult, as I still had referees from when I worked at K.F.C. in 1998. “Yes, Justin – oh right the weird kid with glasses. Yeah he’s alright I guess. Although I’m sure he was stealing fillets out of the warmer and once I saw him loading up his pockets with refresher towels. He said it was for his acne.”

* Tasmanians have a low fruit intake: – only 38% of Tasmanian adults reported consuming the recommended 2 serves or more of fruit per day. Only 18% of Tasmanian adults reported consuming 4 or more serves of vegetables per day. The National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines recommends 5 or more servings per day.

* I booked some flights recently for my single launch tour. The first one had the booking reference (HBBPLS) Which spells Happiest Boy Bedroom Philosopher. The second was (KNITLW). Good signs?

* My beloved childhood cat Blossum passed away recently. He was 21. Blossum was a little black kitten which Mum bought for me when I was sick one day. (Lucozade just wasn’t cutting it.) I remember sticking my finger through the cage of kittens at the pet shop and Blossum was the first one to nuzzle it. I named him Blossum before finding out that he was a boy. I always imagined that to other cats on the street he was known as Crusher, and they’d whisper in hushed tones ‘don’t ever call him Blossum, you saw what he did to Sampson.’ I’m sure he’s in a garden now, basking in the sun.