Check ‘Pooglet’ section for I’m So Post Modern filmclip! to hear new Folkstar!

NEWS (Brought to you by the Inappropriate Miner Jokes Bureau. We are the only nationally recognised service for comedians attempting material about the Tasmanian miners. We’ve been in the business green lighting comedians and deciding how long is long enough since yesterday.)

• The Renegades of Folk have had their own ticket-tape parade (me tearing up all our posters and flyers and throwing them at Josh) to celebrate what insiders are calling a ‘successful 2006 campaign.’ We sold about 900 tickets, and for the first time in my four year history of the festival, actually made a little bit of money. Overall, we were pleased with the response from audiences, considering we ended up with virtually no reviews or articles. The show was awfully fun to perform, and Josh and I are mostly still talking to each other, sure, it’s via magna doodles sent in the post, but, small steps.

• A huge thankyou to everyone who handed out flyers for us, and came along to the show. You will not be forgotten. Maybe your name – like if we see you at a party – but not your face – no way.

• The I’m So Post Modern film clip features on Triple J’s Hottest 100 DVD that has just been released. It is number 36 in the 40 song collection, resting comfortably between Grinspoon and The Butterfly Effect. Just remember, the clip will appear on my forthcoming single. *mumbles something about paying off credit card*

• The best short story I’ve ever written ‘Zine Queen of My Dreams and The Majestic Rejection’ has been published in the recently released Sleepers Almanac ‘Nervous System.’ Sleepers are two brilliant Melbourne ladies who put out Australia’s best collection of up and coming writing. Watch out McSweeneys! Look for it in a little bookshop.

• Due to an exiting flatmate, I’ve swapped rooms in my Clifton Hill abode – moving into a room roughly three times as big as the old one. It’s the largest room I’ve had in my life. In conjunction with my about to turn 26ness, I feel like a real grown-up. Sure, I still have a single doona on a queen size mattress, but, small steps.

• The Ronnie Johns Half Hour was recently nominated for a Logie, so, if there’s any moments during LapTopping that you find yourself drifting off, just remember I am a Logie nominated writer! Now that’s some healthy arrogance motherfathers!

• Having said this – Centrelink are about to crush me into the dust. Due to my temporarily surviving purely from television writing, they have basically ‘reset’ my account, and my two impassioned years with them count for naught. They are saying things like ‘job network training’ and ‘five days a week for half a day’ but by that time I offered them a renegades of folk flyer and they left me alone. Small steps.