Tour details:
Tue 23 May ADELAIDE – GRACE EMILY HOTEL plus The Beards
Thur 25 May MELBOURNE – EAST BRUNSWICK CLUB plus Martin Martini & The Bone Palace Orchestra + Sam Simmons (Barry award nominee 2006) + Josh Earl (Renegades of Folk)
Sat 27 May HOBART – THE VENUE – plus Matt Sertori + Sam Nicholson (Sam & Tully)
Tue 30 May CANBERRA – TOAST – plus Matt Kelly + The Dads
Wed 31 May SYDNEY – HOPETOUN HOTEL – plus Pomo Mofo’s (D.J. Set) + Like People + Richard In Your Mind
Fri 2 June NEWCASTLE – LASS O’GOWRIE HOTEL plus The Klaff Bros. + La La Land
Wed 7 June BRISBANE – THE TROUBADOR plus James O’Brian (The Boat People) + Namaste Jake

All shows start 8pm. $10.

and to hear new Folkstar!

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• Since I’m So Post Modern’s public inception, there have been a few doubters as to it’s philosophical accuracy. One girl recently accused it of being the ‘Alanis Morrisiette’s ‘Ironic’ of our generation. Ow.

• My tips for Melbourne Comedy Festival shows to see, that I have seen, are: The Nice Guys @ R.M.I.T. – Wonka Remixed @ Bar Open – Sam Simmons @ Town Hall – Sam Bowring @ Duckboard House – Geraldine Hickey @ Town Hall. Tim Minchin @ HiFi Bar. Check programs for more deets.

• There’s a great campaign to help save the ABC, they are looking for online pledges and it’s real easy – go to:

• The DVD of ‘Laughapoolooza’ the musical comedy gala has been released nationally. It features myself, Josh Earl and The Renegades Of Folk as well as Tim Minchin, Scardies, Eddie Perfect and Gud. If you catch my bit, try and appreciate the gross levels of unintentional unprofessionalism, that, although funny at the time, took to my industry reputation with a flaming nine iron. (I went over time, and that is a whale sized no-no. I have since considered wearing a big clock like Flava Flav from Public Enemy.)

• I must apologise for tardiness in getting back to Team Pooglet about the filmclip pictures you so graciously sent in. I’m a bad babysitter, got my boyfriend in the shower – ooh I’m getting six bucks an hour…hang on…I mean, I’ve been a bad wing commander, and I shall rectify this really soon. As well as putting the clips up on site as soon as I read all of my ‘websites for vague people’ manual. For the record, it’s been played on rage about five times. And some independent reviewers on the Rage guestbook gave it 10/10, including one 100/10, which was the least they could do.

• I’ve been accused by a someone living in the U.K. of recently displaying arrogant behaviour. She claims she has a ‘reliable source’ within Australia who confirmed this recent rumour. I argued that it’s actually confidence, and I do not consider myself to be an arrogant person. Now it’s turning into a burning debate. For the record, if anyone does think I’m becoming arrogant, please let me know in a thoughtful and mature manner. Oh, and if you have a succinct method of telling the difference between healthy confidence and upyourselfness then feel free to share that as well, as I’m a touch baffled.

• I have entered the mythical, magical, at times, surrealy competitive and occasionally superficial world of MySpace! Believe the hype motherfathers! Check the addresses at the top of the page and you can join and ask to be my friend and I’ll say yes and you’ll be told that I’m your friend and you’ll be my friend and we can all love ourselves and each other. It’s nice really. I might try and cut down on going outside.

• I’m planning a big eastern coast tour in late May to coincide with the release of a “Folkstar/I’m So Post Modern” remix single. Here’s some early dates. Radelaide May 23-24, Melbourne May 25, Hobart May 27, Canberra May 30, Sydney May 31-June 1, Newcastle June 2, Brisbane…well Brisbane’s tricky isn’t it? If anyone knows some ace Brisbane based support acts that will impress the Troubadour into booking me, (or can recommend my backup venue or Ric’s bar) then please let me know!