Ahoy joymints! I took down the Acoustic Megamix MP3 cos I haven’t quite got the right permission to put it up there. But it shouldn’t take much longer. In the meantime – there’s other Bedroom Philosopher tracks availble for sampling in the ‘Discography’ section. Hooray sticks!

NEWS (Brought to you by complications. The tasty new biscuit snack from Arnotts. Layers of sundried cheesecake trapped in Neapolitan wafer pieces and sealed with a strawberry liqueur and smothered in rich old gold chocolate and encrusted with corn nuggets and hidden pockets of Cointreau/Gingernut fusion. Complications. There’s a party in your mouth but it’s at that early stage where everyone’s awkward!)

* I now have a Myspace.com account. The address is www.myspace.com/thebedroomphilosopher If you are on myspace feel free to add me as your friend and we’ll dance! You also get a sneak preview of the new Folkstar!

• A new version of ‘In Bed With My Doona’ has been released. It contains the track Folkstar (Pooglet 78” Mix) which is a new version of Folkstar with reperformed vocals, lyric changes and musical retweakings. The album also contains some other minor ‘updates’ in McRock and The Heart Song. If you own an existing copy of the album, know that it is forever limited to a run of about 800. (And realise that I’ll probably still be releasing retweaked versions of this album when I’m 45.) Work is underway for a Folkstar/I’m So Post Modern double A-side single with an even newer, more improved version of Folkstar plus other exciting b-sides, so you can purchase that and treat it like a Microsoft upgrade.

• My friend Dion McCall recently made the Tasmanian state semi-finals of the National Rock Paper Scissors Championships. The competition is on this year in June/July, so get in training! (and remember, everyone always leads with scissors) for more information check out www.airguitaraustralia.com

• My time writing for the Ronnie Johns Half Hour came to an end in January. If anyone’s been watching, I wrote the ‘underground’ sketch with the two indie characters, and was rather proud of it. Look out for the bouncy castle king and queen, water saving police, séance nan, porn name couple and anything else that looks like I might have written it.

• Subsequently, I have had to reinstate myself back on Newstart. Never in my life have I seen such an obvious ‘well….look who’s come crawling back’ act as I am witnessing from Centrelink. So far, I’ve had three phone interviews all asking me the same thing, two face to face interviews, two initial forms sent to two different addresses, and have been asked to provide more I.D. than a middle eastern cronulla trainee pilot trying to smuggle heroin inside a grenade launcher.

• Little lo-fi folk engine that could “I’m So Post Modern” missed out on the Hottest 100 CD, (being five minutes long probably didn’t help) but has landed on the forthcoming DVD, which is great news. The film clip will be hopefully appearing on the website soon, as well as the forthcoming folkstar/pomo single. Same goes for the Hottest 100 acoustic megamix.

• After about three years of placing myself in the public sphere, I have received my first genuine piece of hate mail. It was sent as a contact form from my website. I appreciate the amount of thought that obviously went into it

Lamey Lameson wrote:
You are really lame.
Website: www.lame.com