Welcome pixel cutey! Here is some news that is fairly bloody recent! Cruskit Disco!!

1* – I’ve moved to Sydney for a couple of months to write for a new sketch show on Channel 10 called:


It is going to be on this Wednesday at 10:05pm.

I wrote all the bits you liked.

* If show is axed please disregard naive optimism.

2 – www.bedroomphilosopher.com, “under construction since 2002” is alive! Special thanks to Tammy Nicholson and Paul Kilmurray for pixel tricks and spritely sprites! Some bits are not quite finished but the majority of written material is there. Pictures and MP3’s to come.

3 – I’m growing a writing beard! I last did this in 2001 when I was writing my major writing project for Uni (a humorous play about the Australian music industry called ‘cyclone beryl) I figured seeing as I have a writing job, it’s time for a hairy encore. I now look like a cross between Graham Garden, Jarvis Cocker and Harry Potter. Or just what Wolverine would look like if he had depression.

4 – I lost my mobile phone recently, (drunk in a taxi – god I’m so edgy and complex) and am slowly rebuilding my phone number list. My number is still the same. If you are someone I would normally call, could you please email me your number. Alternatively, if we’ve never met but you’d like me to ring you at 4pm every day and ask you if you prefer toasters or hovercrafts – email me your number.

5 – Massive thankyou’s to the following wonderpup’s who responded to my Songwriting workshop 80’s memories challenge: Melita Rien, Corey Speers, Lix Walker, Hanna, Nick Flight, Renee Turner, Annette Slattery, Steffi Lo, Tomas Ford, Benny Walter, Russel Downham, David Bull, Alia V, Zoe Coombs Marr, Britt Arthur, Sam Wareing, Jocelyn Ridley, Kirsteene Luhrmann, Britt Arthur, Annalise Friend and Telia Nevile. Results of workshop will be featured in the next LapTopping. This may be delayed due to writing commitments and trying to figure out a broadband connection in Redfern.

Also massive thanks to those who voted for ‘Megan the Vegan.’ Guy Sebastian has offered to cover it, but he wants it to be Marnie the Carnivore. I gave him a glare.

This is all.


Please don’t be too hard on yourself.

You are an infinite rainbow spacebag of cosmic yay!yay!

life is precious.

Get a wriggle on Pooglet!

Love Just!

(note: If you are uncomfortable with use of word ‘love’ please downgrade to ‘Cheers, Just’ If you are disappointed with the abscence of xx’s . Please add them in your head. If you are in a zen like state of confusion and you appreciate the gesture but are just flat out – please massage your feet in bed tonight, it can be a really nice gift to yourself. If you get bored imagine that Johnny Depp is one hand and Scarlett Johansen is the other.)