(brought to you by Alien Vs Shirley Temple, new from Dreamworks pictures. State of the art technology pits a race of flesh eating aliens up against a formidable force of candy lane dance sequences and technicolour sweetness)

• Supermega acoustafunsters Tripod have asked me to support them on their forthcoming regional tour of Western Australia. The eleven show tour will include Fremantle, Kalgoorlie and Broome! (27 Aug – 8 Sep)

* My innocent yet creepy appreciation of solo emperoress Sarah Blasko was further fuelled by a discovery that my album was directly next to hers in Aroma records, in Hobart. I was so nervous I moved it. Im So Postmodern also appeared directly before *Don’t u Eva* at approximately 630pm on the 4th of April on Triple J, so we are virtually going out.

• In some rather crap news, I discovered In Bed With My Doona stands no chance of being nominated for the ARIA for best comedy album as I missed the deadline. Lets hope Fatty Vaughton learns the recorder so he can win it.

• As part of the 2005 next wave festival, a wonderful woman called Anna Krien has devised the IDEAS HOTLINE. Its a call centre that you ring for ideas! How great is that! This Saturday will be a test run, with rockin arty types manning the lines. Call 03 96621099 between 12 and 5 this Saturday 20th August and be inspired.

• The first piece of fiction I have written in three years, a short story called *Being Clive Carlmino* (when I say fiction I mean its basically me but I went to all the trouble of changing the characters name) has been published in the latest issue of Youth literary quarterly Voiceworks. It is a comedy thriller set in an opshop. It will be the last piece I contribute to the magazine as I have turned 25. Check www.expressmedia.org.au/voiceworks to check for stockists in your area. The entire magazine is an excellent read. If you are under 25 and a good writer then for gods sake submit something Pooglet!

• The new Eels, Gorillaz and Caribou albums have tickled my musical feet lately. After writing off the new Dandy Warhols single, upon second listen I got it and loved it. The filmclip helps. I officially cant stand The Mars Volta. Under my three strikes and out computer shuffle policy, they are the first band to have every trace of their overblown artrock wankery removed. Apologies to anyone who owns The Mars Volta albums. I feel your pain.

* While in Tasmania, I took my Mum and Nan to see Batman Begins. My little cousin had previously talked them into Bewitched, but with some light negotiating I sold them the idea. It was the first time the three of us had been to the cinemas since Katie Caterpillar. (no one has ever recounted this movie. I may have dreamt it but if you remember this childrens film please let me know) They both liked it, but the episode was tainted when Nan lost her purse in the cinemas.

* The Renegades of Folk will be doing three shows in the Melbourne Fringe Festival. 8-10th October at Bar open, Fitzroy.