Hello you vivacious pixelcutey!

You have vagued upon The Bedroom Philosopher’s official website ‘under construction since 2002.’

Well guess what – it’s going to be FINISHED within a month. I promise. Please come back. I have abandonment issues. C’mon – just give me one more month, I promise – the websites in the bag mate…honest….c’mon…I just got to see this bloke…he owes me one….really….he’s good for HTML….really….

The album ‘In Bed With My Doona’ featuring ‘I’m so postmodern’ is now available in all good record emporiums. (You might have to convince the indie maestro behind the counter that it exists – if you’re feeling cheeky, try and pick them up – buying my album creates a window…c’mon…)

Songwriting credits will be shared with everyone who submits an item that I use*.

Okay Team Pooglet – the plan is, to write a song that is basically a long ballad dedicated to lots of pop culture items that have disappeared since my childhood. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to construct it – it will be rather hard for it not to become a ‘list’ song (like pomo, mcrock etc.) but I’m hoping the palpability of the memories will override any form repetition.

Now, everyone will remember different things about their childhoody times depending on age, location, socio economic background. Basically I am going for a certain zone – mainly one that I can remember – so here are some parameters and examples.

a) I’m thinking mid 80’s till about mid 90’s

b) I’m thinking snackfoods, toys, fashion items, household appliances, tv shows (that are level 3 obscure and beyond) and any other pop culture entities that linger in your memory. I’m avoiding songs and bands and movies as they’re a bit too easy.

c) If anyone has that ‘Things from the 80’s we remember’ email that went around a while back, could you please forward it to me – I’m reckoning there’s 80’s websites on this bollocks, which I’ll no doubt check.

d) A point I need to clear up. Were the Christian television association ads I remember only played in Tasmania? If anyone knows about this please let me know. Or, if there are mainland Christian TV ads that I’m not aware of…ditto.

Christian television ads:
love grows 2 by 2 –
got 3 pockets in my overalls,
life’s what you make it, (and I know from here I’m looking fine)
do unto others as they (with the boomy voice),
the one where there’s two guys walking around on the backs of two other guys,
The one where they are little cartoon men passing signs around to guitar music
Question (There’s a couple operating a faceless dummy that looks at stuff)
The one where it’s just a bunch of hands with white gloves on a black screen making shapes.
The family singing the lord’s prayer in a jazzy way in a caravan.

EXAMPLES – Frisco icecreams, Crazy critter icecreams, Nutty top icecreams, Link-its, those transformer like things but they were rock monsters, hypercolour tshirts (possibly too obvious), max headroom, lemon thins, Saturday fun show (Tasmanian), Sesame street songs like ‘I’m a dog a working dog, I’m a hard working dog…and the doco on how they make saxophones…and how they make apple juice. Frozen thickshakes (I never had one but people said they tasted like wet sand), yo-whip, Vice-versa’s, Bigfoot pizzas, skateboards with wings, those aerodynamic ring frisbee’s,

There’s a little bit to get you reminiscing.

NOTE: If any of you feel a bit weird about having your precious cerebral heirlooms processed by the dead-eyed black monolithic corporate machine of me…consider this like a huge digital bbq where we’re all drunk on infrared punch and times new roman shots.

* Justin probably means this more as a vague sign of goodwill, more than an actual contractual agreement, as the amount of APRA forms he would have to fill out would take him well into his fifties. Be that as it may, intellectual copyright is an intriguing beast…if you feel like your intellectual property is being mistreated by The Bedroom Philosopher or any other mug within arms reach, please go to www.copyright.org.au and flail around.