I’m so lonely (my song that is)
(again) more or less <full stop>
It’s a paired back
described as the musical
equivalent of a fixed gear bicycle.
Simple. Difficult. Worth it.

Now about on bandcamp.

The lyrics are featured in the poetry anthology Admissions by Upswell Publishing. Happy mental health week (Oct 9-17).


Nothing says ‘the entire bottom has fallen out of the music business but we’re all keeping up appearances in this Orwellian nightmare lest it get awkward’ like PRE-SAVE. To think, once, we hustled valiantly for audiences to part ways with hard earned money in exchange for a CD single. Now, it’s a dogfight just to squirrel away a thimble of attention from the content battery farm we hedge our bets in. 

Having said that – what kind of self-respecting indie entrepreneur would I be if I didn’t pass along this link to my new single? (A stripped back version of a 13 year old track which fits in beautifully with the sentiments of Mental Health Week). No existential crisis here – only a dogged belief in the power of art and truth as an antidote to the algorithmic corruption and malaise of a post-myspace world. (That, and I found some demos lying around and I have to fill in the weekends.)

Yours, forever and a day. Beddy Phil a.k.a king of communication.

PRE-SAVE LINK THING: https://ffm.to/imsolonely-singleversion



ps can someone tell me what deezer is?

pps just to reiterate, there is nothing to buy here, or largely even see, (officer) – but can you please PRE-SAVE (my career). *sings* Don’t you, forget about me…