My Nan really likes Radiohead
But my Pop thinks it’s all a lotta noise
My Nan’s favourite album is Kid A hey

She likes to put it on while she does the housework
She appreciates the fact that they weren’t afraid to experiment
But my Pop my Pop thinks it’s all a lot of noise

Well my Pop prefers a bit of progressive house
Paul Mac and Kinobe are his faves
He says it gets him pumped him up before his game of bowls
But Nan reckons he only likes it because he’s deaf

Well we tried to book Radiohead for Nan’s eightieth birthday
But their manager said they weren’t coming to Australia this year
So instead we hired the RSL brass band
And they did a rather lovely version of The National Anthem

Well my Nan really likes Radiohead
She thinks Thom Yorke is a lovely boy
But she can’t understand why he’s always so glum
She says he needs to pull his socks up
And eat more fish

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