Weird dream
Weird dream

I woke up with giant broccoli on my mind
Like something I’d watch on SBS late at night
No plot no narrative no setting
Just my subconscious sweating
About obscure people from high school
And slightly erotic situations
With girls that don’t even have faces
Let alone names I can remember

Stanley Kubrick is in my mind
And still getting work
Last night he finished off
A film clip for Björk

I know that dreaming about teeth means fear
And dreaming about babies means the end
And dying means beginning
And it’s all around the bend
But tell me this dream doctor
Why was I milking a camel
Last night?

Once I dreamed I attended a university lecture
At my primary school in Tasmania
And in attendance was Dolly Parton
Craig McLachlan and Hulk Hogan
I kid you not and the ironic thing
Is that Hulk Hogan
Asked me for my autograph
And when I woke up
Craig McLachlan wasn’t in my dream book

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