I met Kelly in the supermarket deli
I wasn’t lookin’ for love
I was just after a cheap chook
I took a number and waited in turn
Then my ears began to burn
It was like that movie Sliding Doors
I was Gwyneth Paltrow
In a pair of parachute pants

It was destiny
It was meant to be
When Kelly called out sixty three

She had skin as white as fetta
Nose as cute as a cocktail sav
She said ‘what would you like?’ and I went blank
To my mouth my tongue was stickin’
So I pointed to the chickens
It was like a scene in Romeo and Juliet

I was Leo and she was Claire
Except I had really bad hat hair
But it was just like that fish tank scene
All seductive and sultry
As our eyes met above the steaming poultry

And she said
‘Is there anyone you’d prefer?’
So I pointed to her her her her

Kelly deli girl
Kelly the deli girl
She’s Kelly deli girl
Kelly the deli girl

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