• My sleeper hit Song To Nod Off To (#5 on my Spotify with a bullet) has been used as the soundtrack to a lovely lil’ meditation on walking by Darby Hudson. He’s like Australia’s David Shrigley, funny and poignant and well worth sussing out. 

A movie: What your walk truly reveals about you

Check out this beautiful little movie about the love of walking from Melbourne artist Darby Hudson! Three well-spent minutes!

Posted by Victoria Walks on Saturday, 28 July 2018


  • Meanwhile, I discovered a glowingly harsh review of the instrumental from Songs From The 86 Tram, on some bloody website rateyourmusic.com:  

“Song to Nod Off To’ causes some surprise, out of left field, a genuinely gorgeous acoustic instrumental like a 1977 improvised Alex Lifeson piece, richly deserving a more loving home than these limited often painful attempts at belly laughs big city observations, people they are aimed at are probably the only ones buying.”