Cat Show Melbourne closes tonight! Aint no party like a Cat Show party. 

“Moments that make you howl with laughter arrive through Heazlewood’s half-crazed awkwardness and erratic brilliance. If you appreciate offbeat humour, Heazlewood’s eccentric, wildly unpredictable stage presence may be your catnip.”
– Cameron Woodhead, the Age/SMH.

Read my latest interviews in Broadsheet & Time Out.

I chatted cats with Clare Bowditch on ABC 774. Listener texts included: “My cat died last week. She was an a-hole but she was my a-hole” & “I tell my daughter never date a man who hates cats. A man who likes cats is secure in himself.”


  • Radio Adelaide with Jennie Lenman. (“Do you think Pepe Le Pew contributed to rape culture?”) 
  • Triple R with Dave Graney. (“A boomerang once came back and hit me in the face.”)
  • BMA Canberra. (“Once a place gets fancy gelato, you sort of go, β€˜is this the Canberra I remember?’”)
  • What’s On Melbourne Blog (“Earliest Melbourne memory? I was lurking in Docklands when Sam Newman made a derogatory comment in my general direction.”)

Pls print out and glue on your nearest pole. #streetteam #micf