Jenny was a busker in her day
She made $100 a day
Most people ignored her
But she was happy to play
And her friends said
Hey Jenny you’ll be a star

Jenny went on a talent show
With a song about her dying bro
She won herself a recording prize
As her star rose
Her manager said
Hey Jenny you’ll be a star

Jenny had a hit and the stadiums paid
She cleared $100 a day
Most people ignored her
Until the single was played
And the fans wrote
Oh Jenny you are a star

Jenny was rushed in the studio
Pop song she did not know
Sales dropped while debts did climb
Internet blow by blow
And the critics said
One star

Jenny’s brother passed on Christmas eve
She sang his song at the eulogy
And pulled a tear from every eye
Grief set her free
And Jenny said my brother you are a star

Five years later Jenny did go
Become a judge on a talent show
Fresh young things oversang
The song about her bro
Jenny said we are planets
We are not stars

Jenny is a busker to this day
She makes $100 a day
Most people ignore her
But she is happy to play
And the people say
Hey Jenny aren’t you that star