I hate myself
But if you spent this much time
With the same person
You would too

I berate myself
Punishing myself for mistakes
I know I couldn’t help
If I keep myself small
The bullies can’t see me

I segregate myself
I don’t let the black and white feelings
Sit together on my bus
Sweet childhood me
And the adult worker bee
Have so much in common
If I’d just let em be

I inflate myself
Puff up my ego
Like some
Rainforest courting bird
Yeah I’m better than you all
Just don’t get too close
The costume might fall

I bait myself
Mean little mind games
To get results

What if it fails
Let’s leave it till later
Oh god I’m so guilty
Ah fuck it here I come

There’s plenty more fish in the sea
But none quite like me
None quite like me
I break my bones
And let a wish go free
Sticks and stones
Weird fishy

I hate myself
For the fact it is the hardest
Thing I could do to say
I love myself