Words can get fucked
They can’t explain my love for you
Feelings and shit and that and yeah nah and so forth
My heart’s been kicked out of bounds on the full
Words are shithouse
The alphabet’s a poof
I’ve cried till my eyes are as dry as a dead dingo’s donga
Seems years since I bowled a maiden over
Oh Trishine
I’m the ute and you’re the diesel
Oh Trishine
I’m the bowl and you’re the Cheezels
You had me at show us your dick
Words have got nothing
They can onomatopissoff
You left me up shit creek without a paddle
No one tells you bout shit waterfall
Flowing into shit sea
Why d’ya have to change the locks?
Why d’ya have to change the locks?
Fuckin keychange
Why don’t you answer when I knock?
We’re like two peas in a pod
We were a ball of socks
And now I’m odd


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