I come from a place very far away
I moved there to escape a place of great poverty and violence
I like Melbourne but feel that I am judged by my colour
The colour of my scarf
I went with red and black
But it is the same here as in my homeland
No one likes the bombers
I recently gained permanent residency
Kevin Rudd has made the process more relaxed
I had to learn about crabsticks
The word reckon
And listen to You Am I’s early stuff
I am trying to understand Australian culture
My friend described it as basically America
With Milo and possums
There are many misconceptions about my continent
If we see a coke bottle we don’t freak out
And no animals are voiced by Chris Rock
I must get used to the language differences here
A drumstick is an icecream
A pot is a beer
And god is a disgraced footballer
Who knew?
I also have some trouble with predictive text
I tried to text my relative and said hello aunt
But it came out very different
I watched Baz Luhman’s Australia
But I learned more from The Castle
One day I hope to go to Bonnie Doon
It is not easy getting used to a new home
But if home is where the heart is
Then I wear my heart on my sleeve
So everyone is welcome to visit


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