Stuff’s gone bung
In my lifearooni
But I’ll bounce back
Cos I’m cool
Shit’s hit the fan
I’m my own number one fan
I’m also my own stalker
I know my pin number
I like love
I love hate
I hate like
I hate everything I love
I like everything I like
I can’t stand rockmelon
It tastes funny
Strange piece of music why are you here
You don’t belong in this song
You are a lost bit of a song
You are the wrong bit from some song
Some song is probably missing its bridge
You would do well not to be here
You should go away
We will call the authorities
They will take you away
You will be turned into a ring tone which
Will put you all the way down the food chain in the song industry
And make it extremely hard for you to
Ever be taken seriously
Don’t give me that
That suspended minor seventh isn’t gonna work on me kiddo
(Three four)
(Unsolicited whistling)
I wanna travel back in time
So I can borrow money from myself
And suggest not to take up smoking
But to wear an eye patch
And give myself a list of girls
Not to go out with
Knowing I will anyway
Ridiculous concept
Considering it could have been a list of Melbourne Cup horses to bet on
I want a Missy Higgins film clip
(For Christmas)
I want a long term relationship
With an Irish optometrist
One or two? (one)
One or two? (um, two)
Better or worse? (better)
I never discount the possibility
That I might be the creator of the universe
And if this is the case
In the afterlife you’re all coming to my gigs
But it’ll be okay
There’ll be foot massages
And limited tap beer
Strange piece of music what are you doing back here
You do not belong in this song
You were asked nicely to leave this song
Oh what is wrong
I’m not having this conversation again
We have been through this
Don’t make it any harder for me than it needs to be oh
All right very well yes I suppose I can be fair
You make a point because the truth is
I was not exactly sure
Just how to end this song
And then you came along
Oh Strange Piece Of Music
You belong


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