You want to know what turns me on
(What turns you on)
(Hot what?)
Cups of tea
(Fair enough)
And something sweet
On toast
Late at night
Ooh flannel
(Ooh flannel)
On skin
Getting into my jarmies
Late at night
And jiggling them
Over my bum
(Yeah good on ya)
Going to bed
With a stimulating book
And getting so turned on
I have to turn my electric blanket off
(Yeah turn it off)
And letting toast crumbs
Trickle down my t-shirt and thinking
That’s going to annoy me later
(Ooh later)
Then waking up
With an incredible desire
To have a grope
Blindly for my glass of water
(Where is it)
And finding a glass
On my bed head
And thinking gee
That’s handy

I’m saving myself for marriage
I’ll drive you crazy
With my celibacy

You know what I want to do?
(What do you want to do)
I want to take you back to my place
And make long and passionate
(Yeah we’ll have a chat)
And maybe heat you up
Some cheese on toast
We’ll talk about primary school
(Primary school)
We’ll talk about Star Trek
(Beam me up)
We’ll talk about your cat
We’ll talk about whether or not the eighties are coming back
(Nah I don’t think they are anymore)
And when we’ve run out of things to talk about
We’ll lie down in front of the heater
(That’d be nice)
And play Uno
You know?
And then I’ll mention that word
But only when I say
I’m just going to the toilet
I’ll just be a couple of secs

I’m saving myself for marriage
I’ll drive you crazy
With my celibacy
I’m saving myself for marriage
Oh yeah
I’m going crazy
But I’m still abstaining
Ooh I’m saving myself for marriage


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