(Purple monkey dishwasher)
There’s a party in my head
Not everyone’s invited
It’s supposed to be a small gathering
Of my best emotions
But confidence insisted
On inviting along modesty
And they’re friends with insecurity so now
Every fucking inner loser is here

Awkwardness asks intellect
What she does at uni
Cynicism makes fun
Of optimism’s dancing
Anger and apathy
Have become the best of friends
Lust and guilt have been up
In the bathroom for ages
Creativity and motivation turn up smashed
They’re threatening to break up again
They do this every time
High and low self-esteem both agree to a nudie run
Loneliness lurks outside he’s made up
His own drinking game for one
In the kitchen earnestness is getting jealous of irony
He’s getting all the laughs
But is really quite shallow
Worry keeps trying to crack onto happiness
Sadness says beware
She is the Yoko of emotions
Shyness sends me a text
She says she really wanted to make it
She got the wrong directions
From mental illness
Vagueness turns up late
He thought there was a theme
He’s dressed as a ninja pirate
I’m really never sure
What vagueness is thinking

There’s a party in my head
Not everyone’s invited
I’m so busy being host
I’m having a shit time
Despite having every song
I’ve ever heard to choose from
They’ve got Bon Jovi’s Bed Of Roses
On repeat

In the backyard there’s a smash
Two rival gangs have gatecrashed
Memories bad and good
Both stake claim to my state of mind
But what they don’t realise
Is that I need them both the same
Forgiveness steps in
And kicks everybody’s arse

In the bedroom I can hear laughter and screams
Subconscious plays the preview for tomorrow night’s dreams
Addiction’s making punch out of everybody’s dregs
Hey gimme some of that
Says self control
Hindsight reckons parties were better back in his day
Depression kindly reminds him that he’s full of shit
Sensitivity’s spewing tears
She’s had a bit much to think
Love holds the hair
Out of her eyes

There’s a party in my head
Seems everyone’s invited
Somehow I gotta fall apart to get myself reunited
As I finally drift off to sleep
Self-worth makes a speech to me
I love you man
You’re the best
Sorry about the mess


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