I work in New Media
I’m pretty damn important
Don’t ask me to explain what I do
I don’t work with words
Have you ever heard of sound art?
I sincerely doubt you have
Some awful fax machine noises
Going backwards
A cat on a piano
Dad calls it self unemployment
I call it being brave
I’m changing the world
One non commissioned piece at a time
I’m on my way to a meeting
I’m having coffee with a guy
He’s got projects
We’re gonna talk about our projects
High level stuff and things
I haven’t had a shower
I slept in till eleven
I’m full of ideas
I’m burdened with ideas
I can’t get out of bed
Oh I work in New Media
Cross-hybrid multi-platform
I’ll create an instillation
You won’t get it
That’s the point
Oh I work in New Media
I wish I had my own private tram
I’ve got big plans
And I went to uni
And I did fine arts
Now look at me
I’ve got projects
Don’t ask me what they are
I’ve got a data projector
And an art space
It’s full of boxes at the moment
But you should come around
I’ll show you some stuff
Yeah it’ll blow your little minds
I’ve got a short film called journey
It’s an animated montage digital projection of me
Giving birth to myself
Yeah pretty cool huh?
I work in New Media
I live in fucking Melbourne
Do you realise where you are?
Look around
It’s like New York with trams
It’s like New York with trams
New York with trams
I can’t explain what I do
I don’t have to explain what I do
To you
Do I?
Look at you
Look at you
I’ve had these jeans on for six weeks
And this expression for hours
I lost my wallet
It’s okay there was no money in it
Oh I work in New Media
I work in New Media
Not sure what that is
I’m not sure what I’m doing
Yeah I’ve got no fucking clue
No I didn’t buy a ticket
I was gonna get off at the next stop
No honest
Yes I understand there’s a fine
Yeah I’ll tell you my address
But I work in New Media
Public transport should be free
Under a socialist government


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