Yeah I am
Just on a tram
Man on a tram
Man on a tram I am
Man on a tram with a plan
Called Stan from Prahran
From Prahran I am
Talking bout shares
Getting lots of stares
No one really cares
My voice really blares
Big tram slow tram
Do you want a go tram?
Man on a tram
Wearing bad chinos
Drinking cappuccino
Smell of jalapenos
Came from the casino
Middle class white arse
Upper class tight arse
Car’s in the shop
Taxi wouldn’t stop
Hangin with the plebs
No one’s on their meds
Someone should call the feds
Check this guy with dreads
Go through his sheds
Probably cooking up some reds
Kids’ll ingest
End up on their death bed
Need to have their heads read
Better go
Lemme know
If the CEO’s
A no-show
Or a no-go
Thanks Fi
Sell sell sell
Swell swell swell
Man on a tram
Man on a tram I am
God dam
Gotta scram
There’s a man called Sam
Scamming for a gram
And a mad gran
Crammin her pram full of ham
On the tram
Goin slow
On the phone
What a man
Gotta go


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