I’m feeling awkward
Like a budgie
Sitting on Sandra Sully’s head
As she reads the news
About something
Quite devastating
Perhaps an earthquake
And I don’t know where to look
I’m feeling insecure
Like an emu
Hosting the Oscars
For the first time
Trying to read
The nominations
But just pecking
The microphone
I’m feeling overwhelmed
Like a wombat
At a Tool concert
Trying to understand
The intense prog rock
Like Tool
I do things my own way
My poos are square
I’m feeling alive
Like a cat
Down a waterslide

If I died in my sleep right now
I’d come back
A happy cow

I’m missing the point
Like a fly
Sitting on Osama Bin Laden’s knee
Too busy excreting muck
To alert
The authorities
I’ve got no chance
Like a monkey
On Sale Of The Century
Sitting on twenty the entire episode
I press my buzzer once
And get a fright
And bite Glen Ridge
And then I run away
I’m in the groove
Like a crab
Down the luge
I can’t do justice
Like a duck
Playing hamlet
I’m a bit confused
Like a sheep
Guest programming Rage


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