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‎1. Seriously thanks to all who came to the residencies. 2. Merry festive and a Christmas new things. 3. Vote for Northcote in the Hottest 100. 4. Not voting for anyone else is like voting twice. 5. Peace & tinsel.

• I appeared on ABC’s Collectors Friday November 5. In six sensational minutes of air-time I will take you on an emotional journey through my 70’s tie collection and shrine of novelty items.

• Songs From The 86 Tram has been nominated for an ARIA award for Best Comedy Release. The other nominees are Heath Franklin (Chopper), Jimeoin, Arj Barker (taking our work, sleeping with our women, winning our awards), and Andrew Hanson from The Chaser. They are all going down. The award is presented November 4th on a separate night to the other, more ‘pressing’ categories. (less than half of the awards will be televised). If I wish to attend the main night it will cost me $430 a ticket. I won’t be present at the awards as I’ll be holidaying in NY, naturally.

• My record label went broke! Shock were taken into the hands of liquidators a couple of months ago. This means I won’t receive any royalties from the 86 Tram album or the Northcote single (which sold around 3000 units). It could be worse, I managed to pay off the album pressing and the down payment on advance copies and wasn’t owed ‘that much.’ Still, my cash flow is screwed this month and I need to go back on Sennalink. There’s so much money to be made in music! Picture me in my bedroom right now, I’m like Scrooge McDuck flinging receipts instead of cash.

• Northcote (So Hungover) won Best Music Video at the Australian Directors Guild Awards and New York’s Royal Flush Film Festival. Congratulations to director Craig Melville and producers The Money Shot. More .jpeg laurel’s than you can poke a memory stick at.

• The National Tour was a sort of success! It was mostly good, except when it was bad and we played to mostly really good crowds and sometimes dumb ones. We pretty much didn’t quite break even, but given the vast scope of the undertaking within the confines of the glorified mid-level the act occupies, it could have been a lot worse and should be considered a kind of victory. Not that there’s anything to compare it to. That is me being positive. It’s like someone asking ‘how’s your life?’ You can’t very well sum it up in one or two sentences. A national tour is like a life within a life. Like that episode of Star Trek Next Generation where Captain Picard is zapped by the probe and taken into an alternate reality where he exists for 40 years in a simple farming community and marries a woman and grows old with her, only to wake up back on the bridge of the Enterprise where no time has elapsed. Can you imagine what that would be like?

• I scored funding from the Victoria Rocks music grant to produce a Tram Inspector film clip and redevelop my website. Go year!