The wait is over! Brown & Orange is out now. Request it in shops. There’s 14 new songs plus a 16-page deluxe colour booklet to enjoy!

Download Justin’s new radio show ‘Lime Champions’ here


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♥ Brown and Orange will be released Feb 7 through MGM. They’ve offered to press up a number of albums so I think we can call that a record deal motherfathers!

♥ Party In My Head is the next single to be released so keep an ear out for it through Jan/Feb. Wow Wow has been banned from Triple J’s Hottest 100 for Visa issues. In a statement from his rock dwelling he said: ‘HELLO! WOW WOW IS SAD TO HEAR HE IS NOT ON THE LIST. I THINK IT IS BECAUSE I AM TOO LOUD.’ In good news, Melbourne’s Beat magazine gave it a nifty review: “Wow Wow is basically a depressed, mildly retarted, reasonably hip version of the Cookie Monster. It’s the novelty rock equivalent of burping the alphabet, with sexy accompaniment. All very jolly and hilarious.”

♥ I’ve added a heap of new columns to the Struth Be Told section of this website, plus written the 2008 instalment of my infamous ‘life story.’

♥ I’ve been asked to fill in for RRR show ‘Aural Text’ over January. I’ve been given free reign and will create the show ‘Lime Champions.’ Two hours of irreverence and style every Wednesday in January between 12-2pm. Joining me are a host of bentertainers including Damien Lawlor, Josh Earl, Matt Kelly and Eva Johansen. I’ve done one graveyard shift so far. Highlights included scratching a Hey Hey It’s Saturday record over the top of a Boards Of Canada song. One bloke rang up and said ‘What’s that? That’s cool.’ *said slowly* that’s Lime Champions on 3RRR 102.7FM on your dial. If you’re not in Melbourne you can stream it.

♥ The Northcote Social Club residency was a blinding success with happy crowds and solid sets. The Akwardstra excelled themselves into the stratosphere. Flutes McGee is a walking side-project, to the point where we’ve had to install a ‘nailing list’ for girls to write their numbers on. Hits Rodriguez won fashion honours with his chocolate brown leisure-suit. Nature Boy Hazel wins best punchline, after I broke a string and had to borrow Josh Earl’s little guitar and couldn’t figure out where I was on the instrument: “The third dot Philosopher.” Mad Dog Rabinovici was grace under pressure, especially when his plan to duck off to the bathroom was dashed when we got an ACTUAL encore. Suavy Shankar had them singing “play us a song you’re the sitar man, play us a song tonight. Well we’re all in the mood for a raga and you’ve got us feeling aaaallllriiiight.” If you live in Melbourne and missed all four, well, hello! Deal breaker. If anyone asks we were life changing, and the Philosopher is IN.

♥ We completely owned the Folk, Rhythm and Life festival. I opened with ‘hello, we’re very hippy to be here’ and winged it from there. There were naked children bouncing on mattresses, lentil burgers, pit toilets and a never-waning sense of fisherman’s panted, open chest-vested, hip-gyp optimism which made me ill with analysis. Recommended!

♥ I’ve finished the entire series of Six Feet Under, the way one finishes a year of exchange in another country, staying with the most captivating, well-spoken, thought provoking, emotionally satisfying, witty and hot family on the planet. They should teach it in schools! Best show ever. Sorry Knight Rider.

♥ I had my first ever Christmas in Melbourne. It was lovely. Thanks to the event managers at Tambourine Designs.