CLICK HERE TO WATCH NEW WOW WOW’S SONG FILM CLIP. (Choose ‘watch in high quality).



(Brought to you by Proof the Magic Dragon. An introduction to copy editing for under sevens.)

♥ The Wow Wow’s Song film clip has been completed and was made the featured video on YouTube for a full week in November. It’s currently sitting at 22, 000 hits and has split people happily down the middle. The comments page played out like an arty gang-fight, with Philosopher fans defending the clip’s honour against a small legion of WTF? monster-voice haters. Special thanks to Andy and Susan for their gang busting textual healing. The clip was played on Rage once on the 14th, so any mention of it in the Rage Guestbook could help it score a repeat spin.

Here’s the full list of YouTube honours that the clip scored:

#1 – Featured – Australia
#1 – Featured – New Zealand
#2 – Featured – Music – Australia
#2 – Featured – Music – New Zealand
#13 – Most Discussed (Today) – Australia
#3 – Most Discussed (Today) – Music – Australia
#74 – Most Discussed (Today) – Music – Global
#10 – Most Discussed (This Week) – Music – Australia
#95 – Most Discussed (This Month) – Music – Australia
#3 – Most Viewed (Today) – Australia
#1 – Most Viewed (Today) – Music – Australia
#7 – Most Viewed (Today) – Music – New Zealand
#69 – Most Viewed (Today) – Music – Global
#23 – Top Favorited (Today) – Australia
#2 – Top Favorited (Today) – Music – Australia
#19 – Top Favorited (This Week) – Music – Australia
#50 – Top Rated (Today) – Australia
#9 – Top Rated (Today) – Music – Australia
#33 – Top Rated (This Week) – Music – Australia

♥ The Awkwardstra has blown out to five members, with inclusion of premier percussionist Jamie Power (Hits Rodriguez) and Sitar maestro Gordon Cole (Suavy Shankar). The Melbourne single launch saw the band in fine form, with Nature-Boy Hazel, Mad-Dog Rabinovici and Flutes McGee providing a luxurious sonic tapestry for the elegantly rapturous punters and puntettes.

♥ To celebrate the awesomeness of that gig, I’ve landed a Residency at the Northcote Social Club, Tuesdays in December. If you live in Melbourne there’s no better time to come and bask in some complex novelty folk-punk.

♥ Actual difficult second album ‘Brown & Orange’ is anticipated to have a February release. In the meantime, I’ve leaked another song ‘For The Love I Have For You’ on Myspace.

♥ I’m trying a new technique where you get out of bed in the morning and beat up a paper mache piñata of yourself. Inside are almonds, apricot chews and positive sentiments written the night before. So far I’ve been feeling 16% happier and 43% more emotionally stable. Unfortunately I now have 23% less time because of the extra cleaning.