(Brought to you by Babs McSlabs Canned Roasts. All the goodness of a roast meal in a can. No need to add water. Just heat and throw out. Available in Beef, Pork and Vegetarian Hydrologised Extract.)

* The business partner of the man who created The Golden Gaytime wrote to me. He’d heard the song, liked it and wanted a copy. He told me originally it was made by a South Australian company (Amscoll) owned by the Milton family, of which his partner was their only son. He invented the Golden Gaytime after his father told him of a local biscuit factory that was discarding broken biscuits. He asked him to see if there was something they could use it for in their ice creams and so he invented a way of blowing the broken biscuits (which they got for free) onto the ice creams. The Golden Gaytime was born. He might be able to send me the original recipe!

* The second single from Brown & Orange will be “Wow Wow’s Song (la la la)” It’s the one with the monster voice. It’s been mastered. It’s sounding hot and is due out in March. The album won’t be far away after that. Insiders say it’s sounding good. Outsiders threw eggs at my Mum.

* Michael O’Connor, who plays flute in ‘The Happiest Boy,’ is set to be a regular member of The Awkwardstra. He plays brilliant flute and also knows how to install more RAM on my computer. Combo!

* My rent went up $13 a week. I now pay $478 a month. I understand this is relatively cheap for Melbourne but you’d have to admit that’s quite a hike.

* I’m all over the next issues of Frankie and JMag. I’ve also started contributing to the “Ointment” section of The Big Issue.

* Australia’s Great Barrier Reef could lose 95 percent of its living coral by 2050 should ocean temperatures increase by the 1.5 degrees Celsius projected by climate scientists.

* I got a severe piece of hate mail on Myspace: “i just watched your terrible film clip. you guys honestly suck absolute as*. im so regretful that i’ve seen your film clip the happiest boy. you guys suck and have wasted my time. i hope i see you c**ts around cos i swear to god i will fu**ing punch you in the head! please fall off a cliff and never ever write another song again! the happiest boy has made me want to kill you! i’ll find you. love nick and toby! It was THESE guys.

* Psychedelic folk-rock wizards Richard In Your Mind have released their amazing debut album ‘The Future Prehistoric.’ It’s at JB and all good shops. I can’t recommend it enough.