In the tradition of working out your porn star name (your first pet name and first street name), here is a technique I’ve created to find out your self-indulgent rock star name, the name of your globe-trotting, unit shifting band as well as the lazily penned title of your first over-produced, riff pilfering mega-hit.

How to play:

ROCK STAR NAME: The first name is taken from one of your Nan’s or Pop’s. For example, being a dude I’m using my Pop’s name, Leonard. Your last name is two names hyphenated. The first of these names is your second ever pet’s name, the second is your second ever street name. For example, the second pet I ever owned was a cat named Snowy. The second street I ever lived on was Totterdell street in Canberra. Therefore, my rock star name would be Leonard Snowy-Totterdell.
(NOTE: If you’ve only ever had one pet or street name, take that.)

Your band name is taken from an anagram of your complete name. The best way to find this out is to hop on the net and download an anagram generator, you can find one HERE

Once you have it running, type in your full name and hit ‘anagram now.’
For example, Justin Marcus Heazlewood gives me:
Simultaneous chow daze jr
Customhouse lizard jew an
Ejaculation who’d suez mrs
Switzerland ouch joe am us
Adolescent whiz jam our us

Take as little or as many words from any one line. Today, I can hear Richard Kingsmill talking up: Switzerland Ouch!


The title of your single is taken from the last text message you received. You can take as little or as much of it as you like. My last one was rather lovely, so I’m using: ‘nestle into a loving ball.’

Enjoy! You can post your results below.