Aloha Moogwagon! Basically, if you’d like to potentially be in the ‘I’m So Post Modern’ filmclip – email me your pictures by this Friday!

Preferably outlandish interesting photos of anything really. Nan’s and cats and headshots are popular. Or why not try and recreate a line from the song? Artwork is loved also.

Don’t worry if you’re going to miss out! I’m about to put a callout for photos and artwork of Team Pooglet members (you) trying to recreate lines from the song, for a gallery on the website. Sound satisfying?

THANKYOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF ALL MY HEARTS TO THOSE WHO VOTED FOR BERNARD FANNING. It’s great to have some competition. It keeps me on my toes!
Hey, I beat Beck!



The game that’s captured a nation’s imagination a fair bit. Go to:
to see others. (I’ll be posting up the ones that have been sent in to me so far)

Name: Mitchell Skinner
Rock Star Name: Jock-Blue Degilbo
Band Name: Enrichment Kills
Hit Song: Enjoy The Smokes

(brought to you by Microsoft’s INSERT KEY ice-cream range – ‘Overwrite Your Tastebuds’)

• Christmas and New Year’s eve were celebrated successfully. I realised today why I’ve received a number of interesting messages, because I left my mobile number in quite a few places on my website. Thanks to the two girls who left messages on new year’s eve, one wishing me airplay on Hong Kong radio. I also received these flattering texts:
“I have a ball. Perhaps you’d like to bounce it.” (an admirable simpsons quote)
“Do you still love ya little ringa?” (i suppose?)
“Appinuyear o quixotic 1 – unconstrained luv from Mad Maud – ps where’s my bludy laptopping f*kface” (this leads me onto my next piece of news)

• Bev informs me that a few subscribers haven’t been receiving their issues of late. I am thinking that our current system of a commodore 64 hooked up to a Technics bicycle isn’t working so well. If you are experiencing difficulty please let us know. Kerry the Metaphysical drummer has made a three-piece suit out of band-aids, but has informed me it’s only a band-aid approach.

• I didn’t win anything in the Tattslotto gift-pack that Nan and Pop gave me, but while I was having it checked I stared at some models in obscure fashion magazines.

• Falls Festival went well! There will be a proper report in an upcoming issue. No girls asked me to have their baby this year, but some British ex-pats with dreads wanted me to sign the tip of their man-things. I wasn’t sure what to say. (In retrospect, ‘no’ covered most bases.)

• My website had about 60, 000 hits for December, which is fantastic. However, about a third of the traffic was being generated by an article I did about the Ronnie Johns show, so that anyone googling it was ending up on my site. It was nice having people say ‘chopper and the wog guy rock, don’t u dare axe this channel 10’ for a while, but after getting this email, I decided to remove the whole thing:

“I’m pissed off that in your show on christmas night, that you were giving muslims crap and your a faggot….by the way your show sucks balls and none of my freinds watch it you racist prick.” I thought it was a strange thing for Glenn Robbins to say, as he is the executive producer.

• On the sanity website, where you can buy my album, it has ‘people who shopped for In Bed With My Doona also shopped for:’ In the very early days, I was told that it just had ‘So Fresh Volume 9’ up there. One of my friends, Nick Flight, bought a Steven Wright album just to give me some street-cred. It’s nice to see that there are now things like Bjork’s ‘Medulla’, the ‘9 songs’ soundtrack, ‘Fame’ DVD and a Fred Astaire album, all of which have clearly inspired me. In fact, if you can think of what the genre would be called if you combined all of those albums mentioned, please let me know.

This is a nice happy website provided by Sarah Sherringham: http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~geoffo/humour/flattery.html