(Brought to you by ‘The Fulmeep’s’ SBS at 3:30am. The prelude to the New Zealand logies’ )

• The Bedroom Philosopher’s debut studio album ‘In Bed With My Doona has reached aluminium status with sales hitting the 100 mark in late January. Nan and Pop records have noted that previous release ‘Living on the edge…of my bed’ took seven months to reach the milestone, while In Bed With My Doona has taken just three and a half months. An interesting statistic is, that of the 20 odd albums that have been sold via mail order to people hearing stuff on Triple J. About 75% of them have been men in NSW. Also, the very first 11 albums sold were all to males.

• Centrelink have now allowed me to submit my fortnightly form online! Meaning I don’t have to go into their shop. I see it as a reward for being a loyal customer for over two years.

• I’ve been heckled on the street twice lately. Once by a white delivery van parked well over the pedestrian crossing. As I manouvered past the van the driver said ‘Don’t work too hard.’ I assume referring to the rampant unemploymentism I must exude by my hot wheels back pack with ‘Bedroom Philosopher’ written badly on the front. Weeks later, I was wearing an ill fitting blue cap with ‘captain’ written on the front, my ernie style multi striped purple and red shirt and a maroon suit jacket. One teenage pleb swore in acknowledgement.

• Green peace has an online petition. http://www.greenpeace.org.au/kyotopetition/petition.php Did you know Australia has the worst greenhouse emissions per capita in the developed world?

Newcomer Marla Olmstead is receiving high praise in some corners of the art
world. Critics describe her modernist paintings as laden with emotion.

• Bev’s daughter got through to the second round of ‘X-factor.’ They told her voice didn’t have enough ‘balls.’

* The Bedroom Philosopher’s Melbourne Comedy Festival Show will be called ‘Pyjamarama’ Thanks to those who wrote in with suggestions. I think everyone’s happy it’s not ‘Sex hugs and sausage rolls’ including me. It will be at duckboard house, nightly at 9:30pm.