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NEWS (Brought to you by Burp Bacharach, the confounding new drinking game which encourages gassy renditions of classic show tunes. It’s Gastronomical!)

• I’ve completed my Melbourne Fringe Show season. It’s been dubbed a success by Bedroom Philosopher insiders. It’s been dubbed self-indulgent and lacking a theme by Bedroom Philosopher outsiders. Huge thanks to Saskia Moore, Anita at Flash In The Can, Tammy Nicholson, Tully and Nina and Anna Knight. Thanks also to everyone who witnessed. I was apparently nominated for best comedy in the Fringe awards, but this might have just been me talking into a mirror at the after party.

• I’ve been selected to play at the Lorne Falls Festival. I’ll be on the main stage along with Daniel O’Doherty playing before The Mountain Goats. Holy cruskits! At this stage though, it looks like I won’t be playing the Marion Bay leg. I’m also set to play on the Lilyworld stage at the Melbourne Big Day Out. I can’t wait to awkwardly give Jet a copy of my album.

• I’ve started making homebrew for the first time with my mate Matt Kelly. Nan and Pop have been making home brew for twenty years, so it’s an important right of passage. It has been dubbed ‘Bob’s Brew’ after we found an old Bob Hawke biography, and attached pictures of an impassioned Bob to act as a mascot. The kit came with an instructional video starring a very helpful Paul Mecurio. Homebrew is quite easy and we can make 30 longnecks for around $20. This doesn’t factor in the medical costs once we start ingesting it. Our first batch of Coopers Draught is due November 9.

• Sarah Blasko’s publicist sent me a promo copy of her latest album. She contacted me via Myspace, perhaps as a reciprocation to my awkward encounter with Sarah backstage at the Falls Festival 04 when I gave her a copy of my album. She had heard a rumour that I’d written a song declaring my undying love for Sarah. (It’s currently limited to a verse in a new song – but a concept double album is in pre-production.) She said “we don’t normally encourage stalking, but we think you’re pretty funny.”

• I recently appeared on Sunday night Safran on JJJ – playing new song ‘I’m Still Too Nervous…’ as the ‘religious song of the week.’ It was a pleasant interview – John asking me if as a musical comedian I had aversions to Weird Al Yankovic, and Father Bob confirming that I was the Joe Cocker of stand-up. At one point I spoke of how I’d got out of being a Christian after ten years, to which Father Bob replied ‘oh really, how did you get out, I’ve been trying for years.’

• I’ve listened to Beck’s new album a few times (as you might be able to tell from opening poem) and am declaring it ‘better than Guero, but not as good as anything pre-guero, hmm, maybe Midnite Vultures in a way, but some of the best production he’s found to date’ and giving it eight and a half. Bear in mind that I gave a mobile phone recording of Beck making microwave popcorn a seven. Favourite tracks include Soldier Jane, Cell Phones Dead, Strange Apparition and Dark Star. The Information is a bit of a party skipper – as well as the 9 minute Scientology blow out, however, when I heard that my favourite author Dave Eggers features on it I sat in a cold bath smiling quietly for several hours.