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Best of the Dickhead (I mean Decade)

God I’m relevant (less so than the veronicas)

  • My Top 5 ‘Ice-creams of the Decade’
    5. Connoisseur Belgian Chocolate Fudge With Hazelnut (4 pack)
    4. Cadbury Picnic Cone
    3. Connoisseur Cookies

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BEDDY PHIL NEWS (remember me?)

  • I’ll make a cameo at the Mental Health Week Comedy Roadshow Oct 11 at the Hobart Brewing Company.
  • Lyrics to In My Day (Nan) were published in the spoken word anthology Solid Air alongside Courtney Barnett and Quan Yeomans. I would recommend the book but I can’t stand poetry.

Image result for solid air anthology

  • On Spotify, Party In My Head the ‘could have been

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Song To Nod Off To / Darby Hudson

  • My sleeper hit Song To Nod Off To (#5 on my Spotify with a bullet) has been used as the soundtrack to a lovely lil’ meditation on walking by Darby Hudson. He’s like Australia’s David Shrigley, funny and poignant and well worth sussing out. 


  • Meanwhile, I discovered a glowingly harsh review of the instrumental from Songs From The

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Headlining Local Laughs June 10

  • I will be wearing colourful trousers while performing light to moderate comedy at The Local tomorrow eve June 10. Perhaps I will play Weird Dream or Megan The Vegan, which has no doubt aged really well. (The Local, St Kilda, doors 8:30, $15/$12.) As a Get Up Mum tie-in, I may reissue this ’91 rage megamix.
  • Hey, like The

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