The Bedroom Philosopher – Funemployed LP (2015)

TBP-Funemployed-iTunesCoverAvailable from Bandcamp & iTunes

1. Art Hole (Bonus track)
2. I’m Selling Myself
3. Fish Finger
4. I Hate Myself
5. Ian Thorpe Was Bored
6. One In a Million
7. Jenny Star
8. Food Is The New Rock and Roll

Written by Justin Heazlewood.
Produced by Garry Havrillay & Justin Heazlewood.
Additional engineering and mastering by Richard Girvan.
Recorded at ABC Studios, Southbank.
Brian Ritchie, Sam Simmons, Tim Rogers: Interviews.
Hanna Silver: Piano on Fish Finger.
Richard Cartright: Bass, percussion on Food Is The New Rock and Roll.
Michael Shirrefs: Percussion on Art Hole.
Erin Lyall: Photos.

Special thanks to series producer Michael Shirrefs and executive producer Claudia Taranto.

The Bedroom Philosopher Diaries (2012)

The Bedroom Philosopher - Brown & Orange

Written by Justin Heazlewood.
Illustrations by Leigh Rigozzi.
Designed and typeset by Chase & Galley.
First published by A Small Press in 2012.
Ebook published by Affirm Press in 2012.
Second edition published by Affirm in 2013.

1 – Summer Festivals (2010/11)
2 – Buddy & Me (2010)
3 – Brown & Orange National Tour (2009)
4 – Big Day Out Report (2007)
5 – Songs From The 86 Tram National Tour Diary (2010)
6 – Tripod Tour Report (2005)
7 – Beddy Phil Monash Carnage (2011)
8 – Comedy Festival Roadshow (2009)
9 – Peter Combe National Tour (2007)
10 – Wit-Bix Psychological Analysis (2011)

The Bedroom Philosopher – A Very Beddy Christmas (2011)

The Bedroom Philosopher - Brown & Orange

Available from Bandcamp or iTunes.

1. 12 Days Of Christmas
2. Presents
3. Deck The Kids
4. Little Drama Boy
5. Jingle Hell
6. Jarred’s Letter

Lyrics and ‘Presents’ written by Justin Heazlewood.
Produced by Chris Scallan at The Soft Centre, Melbourne.
Mastered by Cem Oral @ Jammin Masters, Germany.
Choir: The Nymphs & Men In Suits.
Vocals and trumpet on ‘Presents:’ Audrey Boyle.
12 Days Of Christmas video directed by Carlo Zeccola.
Props by Will Phillipson.
Costumes by Erin Roche.
Desktop publisher: Tambourine Design.
Photo: Carlo Zeccola.

The Bedroom Philosopher – Songs From The 86 Tram (2010)

The Bedroom Philosopher - Brown & Orange

Available from Bandcamp or iTunes

1. Middle Aged Mum
2. We Are Tramily
3. Sudanese
4. Trishine
5. (Interlewd)
6. Northcote (So Hungover)
7. Irish Girl
8. Tram Inspector
9. Man On A Tram
10. Song To Nod Off To
11. In My Day (Nan)
12. New Media
13. Old Man At End

Written by Justin Heazlewood.
Produced by Chris Scallan at The Soft Centre, Melbourne.
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Stirling Studios, NY.
Strings on Trishine arranged by Hugh Rabinovici.
Fanfare on New Media arranged by Chris Scallan.
Design by Tambourine Design.
Illustration by David Blumenstein.
The Bedroom Philosopher: Voice, acoustic guitar, accordion.
The Awkwardstra: (Hugh Rabinovici: Drums, Andy Hazel: Bass, Gordon Blake, Electric guitar, sitar, Jamie Power: Percussion.)
Scott Griffiths: Piano, harp, synths, percussion.
Harry Angus: Trumpet.
Jessica Venables: Cello.
Willow Stahlut: Violin, viola.
Xani Colac: Violin.
David Rabinovici: Violin.
DJ Who: Scratching.
Nicole Shenko: Backing vocals.

The Bedroom Philosopher – Brown & Orange (2009)

The Bedroom Philosopher - Brown & Orange

Available from Bandcamp or iTunes

1. Strange Piece Of Music
2. Party In My Head
3. What Am I Supposed To Be Doing?
4. The Happiest Boy
5. I’m So Lonely
6. (Brown)
7. Jesus On Big Brother
8. For The Love I Have For You
9. Circus Bear
10. (Orange)
11. Swan Song
12. Deux Cygnes Noirs
13. Wow Wow’s Song (La La La)
14. (Social Life In The Psychiatric Unit 30/10/77)

All songs written by Justin Heazlewood except for (Social Life In The Psychiatric Unit 30/10/77) written by Justin Heazlewood & Richard Cartwright.
Produced by The Bedroom Philosopher with Chris Scallan, Martin “Moose” Lubran and Ken Heazlewood.
Mixed by Chris Scallan at Soft Centre Studios.
Wow Wow’s Song (La La La) mixed by Martin “Moose” Lubran & Craig Harnath at Hothouse Studios.
Mastered by David Briggs at The Production Workshop.
Design by Tambourine Design.
Photos by Telia Nevile except for Brown & Orange clocks and cup by Tatjana Pitt & ceramic swan with ties by Clare Rae.
Justin Heazlewood: Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, wurlitzer, accordion, vibroslap, percussion, computer keyboard.
Martin “Moose” Lubran: Electric guitar, bass, vibraphone, synths, programming, drums. arrangements on Deux Cygnes Noirs and The Happiest Boy.
Haydn Meggit: Drums and percussion.
John Maddox: Double bass.
Harry Angus: Trumpet.
Andy Hazel: Bass.
Richard Cartwright: Sitar.
Michael O’Connor: Flute.
Xani Colac: Violin.
Hanna Silver: Piano and synths.
Tom Crowe: Slide guitar.
Miles O’Neil: Banjo.
Will Hindmarsh: Harmonica.
Anna Knight, Scott Edgar, Stephen Gates, Simon Hall: Vocals.
Ken Heazlewood, Saskia Moore, Clare Rae, Emma Heeney, Eva Johansen: Backing vocals.

The Bedroom Philosopher – I’m So Post Modern / Folkstar Maxi-Single (2006)

The Bedroom Philosopher - Folkstar / I'm So Post Modern Maxi Single

Available from Bandcamp & iTunes

1. Folkstar (Pooglet With Strings Mix)
2. I’m So Post Modern (Pomomofo’s Detroit Club Mix)
3. I’m So Post Modern (Album Version)
4. Folkstar (Tomas Ford’s Rockstar Facelift)
5. Postmodernism (Man In A Smock Battles The Man In The Felt Coat Rematch)
6. Marjory
7. I’m So Post Modern’s Cute Nerdy Sister
8. Folkstar (Ken’s Karaoke Mix)
9. The Song About The Puppy With The Nappy (Feat. Di Daly)
10. What Would Sigur Ros Do?

Written by Justin Heazlewood except The Song About The Puppy With The Nappy which features vocals by Di Daly.
Track 1 features John Maddox on double bass.
Track 2 remix by Pomomofo.
Track 4 remix by Tomas Ford.
Track 5 remix by Hugh Reid & Ken Heazlewood.
Track 7 additional vocals by Ken Heazlewood.
Tracks 1, 3, 7, 8, & 10 mixed by Ken Heazlewood.
Tracks 6 & 9 recorded by Joe Bergic and Mark Nicol in Albury, NSW.
Design by Tambourine Design.

The Bedroom Philosopher – In Bed With My Doona (2005)

The Bedroom Philosopher - In Bed With My Doona

Available from Bandcamp or iTunes

1. Love Theme From Centrelink
2. Golden Gaytime
3. Megan The Vegan
4. I’m So Post Modern
5. McRock
6. Megan The Vegan (reprise)
7. Folkstar (Pooglet With Strings Mix)
8. High On Life
9. Kicking The Footy With God
10. You’re So Vague
11. Saving Myself For Marriage
12. Everybody’s Got The Same Insecurities As You
13. Happy Cow
14. The Heart Song
15. Folkstar Part II

Written by Justin Heazlewood.
Recorded between July-October 2004 at HumbleHouse Studios, Penrith NSW.
Produced and Mastered by Ken Heazlewood.
John Maddox: Double bass on Folkstar.
Design by Tambourine Design.

The first 100 copies contain Track 16 Special Features which is a live track recorded at Mic in Hand comedy night, Friend in Hand Hotel, Sydney September 2004. 100 copies featuring special coloured barcode (made up of my mobile number at the time) but no live track were produced for Tripod tour of regional W.A. 2005.

Folkstar has has had three different incarnations. In the original pressing of 100 I am speaking the vocals. In the next 500 I am rapping the vocals but without the presence of double bass (Pooglet 78″ Mix) in the current rendition I am rapping with double bass (Pooglet With Strings Mix). The latest version of In Bed With My Doona also features a remixed version of Heart Song and updated lyrics in McRock. (I wasn’t convinced that Sick Puppies were still relevant so I updated it to End Of Fashion. Naturally, since then Sick Puppies have made a comeback and are probably more popular than End Of Fashion. Ah, the joys of committing pop culture commentary to disc.)

You’re So Vague was removed from several CD versions of album due to me freaking out that I might get sued for parodying Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain without seeking permission. (This would so not have happened and I blame my legal-aid friend in Hobart for putting the fear into me). The track is restored on all digital versions.

The Bedroom Philosopher – Living On The Edge…Of My Bed (2003)

The Bedroom Philosopher - Living On The Edge Of My Bed1. Theme
2. Kelly The Deli Girl
3. Weird Dream
4. High On Life
5. Generation ABC
6. Anthem For The Year 2002
7. Good Lookin’ Girls
8. The Coughs Single Handedly Saved Rock N Roll
9. Happy Cow
10. Jesus On Big Brother
11. Disco Chicken
12. Quarter Life Crisis
13. Ballad Of The Wacky Tobaccy
14. Ian Thorpe Was Bored
15. McRock
16. Achy Breaky Big Mistakey
17. My Nan Really Likes Radiohead
18. Life Won’t Wait Up For You
19. No Bum Blues
20. Radio Edit Of My Soul (live)

All tracks originally aired on Triple J’s Morning Show and Weekend Breakfast between April-December 2002.
Written by Justin Heazlewood.
Produced by Jim Trail at ABC Studios, ACT.
Jim Trail: Backing vocals on No Bum Blues.
Design: Tambourine Design.

CD artwork shows incorrect track listing changed on purpose at the last minute by suggestion of then girlfriend. (The above listing is correct). Only 500 CD copies were ever produced, especially for my Melbourne Comedy Festival debut show (of the same name) in 2003. A box of 100 was lost in transit between Sydney and Melbourne and could be under a house at 45 Burke St, Blacktown where I was living with my nine year old cousin, her mother and grandmother.

The Harmonica Lewinski’s – Songs By The Bushfire (2001)

The Harmonica Lewinski's - Songs By The Bushfire

Listen to tracks on Soundcloud

1. Spankees Lunch
2. Home Brand Man
3. Rockafella Skank
4. Astroboy
5. The Country Practice Song
6. Rainbow Honey Eater
7. Here’s Johnny
8. Life Won’t Wait Up For You
9. Angree Tree
10. I Got A Girl
11. I’m The One Who Loves You (I’m The One That Needs You)
12. I Hate Electronica (Secret track)
13. Sounds of the Lakehouse (Secret track)

Recorded November 2000 at LakeHouse Studios, Michaelago, NSW.
Produced and Mastered by Ken Heazlewood, except Spankees Lunch recorded by Adam Mulquin in Wollongong.
Spankees Lunch written by Justin Heazlewood and Adam Forbes.
I’m The One Who Loves You (I’m The One That Needs You) written by Justin Heazlewood and Matt Kelly.
Rockafella Skank written by Norman Cook.
The Country Practice Song written by Matt Kelly.
Rainbow Honey Eater and Angree Tree written by Adam Forbes.
Here’s Johnny written by Xtro/Qbrick.
All other songs written by Justin Heazlewood.
Drums: Stuart Duncan.
Design: Tammy Nicholson.
Egg: Tammy Nicholson. 

Phonze! – Birthmark (1999)

Phonze! - Birthmark1. Community Scooter (Part 1)
2. Smells Like Hellyer Spirit
3. Vee-Dub
4. Dodge
5. Mo’ Music
6. Gospel
7. Down By The Sea
8. Community Scooter (Part 2)
9. Come On
10. Disco Chicken
11. Environment
12. I Got Rhythm
13. Cliché
14. Pea Honds (Hey Everybody)

Written by Justin Heazlewood.
Recorded February-March 1999 in Marcus Wynwood’s bedroom, Penguin, TAS.
Produced by Marcus Wynwood.
I Got Rhythm features Emma-Louise Cukier on vocals.
Marcus Wynwood plays lead guitar on Dodge and Disco Chicken.
Design: Justin Heazlewood. (Based on a record cover I cut up at Nan and Pop’s).
Photo: Jade Hallam.
Album originally distributed to friends on cassette and a couple of CDs.