One of my first songwriting efforts for the ABC was to collaborate with Aqua and sing about Dr Karl. It was presented to him by Vicki Kerrigan on 12th April 2002. Gee it was deep. Boy was he surprised. It inspired a radio segue the equivalent of jumping twenty buses on a motorbike.


Big Brother is starting up again. How exciting for everyone. 20 years ago I was Christian and contemplating my place in youth culture. I’d just started my segment on Triple J’s Morning Show and it was my way of making sense of things.


BP History 📖
via Heywire I landed ONE SHOT of air-time on a station I’d worshipped since I was fifteen. Here is me cutting sick. It’s ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ meets ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ c/o Bert Newton.
I’m rereleasing it under my name and there’s a link to an EP in youtube.

I came out of the gates with my own national radio segment when I was twenny one. It was the back to front trajectory of a reality show winner – my equivalent was winning ABC radio doco comp. Heywire in 2001. This led to some accidentally-on-purpose hustle that got my bum in the door at Triple J.

The rest is internet history. Please enjoy an off-license j-file of how it went down.



Featuring interviews by Jenny at Joy FM, Richard Fidler, Lee-Anne Scott, David Kilby & Chris Uhlmann (!)

Thanks to Justine McSweeney (Heywire), Jim Trail, Francis Leach & Vicki Kerrigan (Triple J) for giving a bloke a go.