• Here is a piece I wrote about phone boxes for the Good Weekend


  • I played Harry Potter in the Wheeler Centre event Harry Who? The True Heroes of Hogwarts October 25 at the Athenaeum Theatre. I used to get called ‘Harry’ when I worked at the Canberra Labor Club. I was the only bloke with mid-length hair and glasses serving glasses of mid-strength.
  • Ten Melbourne writers were asked to write about ten locations around Darebin for Writing This Place. I was given Northcote Town Hall. For my piece Stella & the Elders I wanted to reflect on disability advocate Stella Young who performed her show ‘Tales From The Crip’ there. I also included some Aboriginal Dreamtime figures. It’s the first fiction I’ve written in ten years. 
  • Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile have joined forces for a new single. They’re the new Kurt & Courtney! (One YouTube commenter can’t be wrong). 
  • Is this the worst offer ever on Ebay?